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Hamptonality and Teamwork Story

The GM and AGM, saved the life of the night auditor at our Hampton Inn Norfolk/Chesapeake property. See story below in an email from night auditor's family and photo. Dear Harvey and Page, My name is David Poling. My brother, Mark, worked for you at the Hampton Inn, Chesapeake. Back in late January Mark didn't show up for his shift, nor did he call. Joe and Matt became concerned because this was unlike Mark to do this. Mark had good work ...  Read more.  May 30, 2018

High Five Mascot at Hilton Dubai Jumeirah and The Walk

On the International High Five Day, at Hilton Dubai Jumeirah and The Walk cluster, we have decided to give a different type of recognition. Instead of only going onto the Hilton Recognition website and sending e-cards to high five colleagues, we have created a “High Five” mascot. The mascot took about three weeks to make in-house since the moment the idea emerged. Our HR team thought that making a costume resembling an open hand and ...  Read more.  Apr 23, 2018

Dynamic Recongition Board

We used the fun logos and templates from the site to create this dynamic and eye catching recognition board. The board is located in our employee dining room and displays our Team Members of the Month. We used specific logos to recognize their departments, such as maintenance and front desk. We also included a letter of recognition for each team members manager so that the team as whole could see why these team members were chosen. For fun, an ...  Read more.  Apr 23, 2018

A Recognized Team Is a Happy Team.

I have just recently joined my team and brought in quite a few new recognition ideas to help inspire my team. Here are a few: Housekeeping Poker - Everyday of a week, the Housekeepers have an opportunity to earn a playing card. A review from a guest, going out of their way to help a guest or a Team Member, scoring high on their room inspection, etc. At the end of the week, they pick their best five cards and the person with the best Poker ...  Read more.  Feb 16, 2018

Hospitality Internship Program in Security Officer Training for High School students

We started a Hospitality Internship Program for High School students to show them the hospitality of the hotel. After they finish the program, we had an award ceremony to recognize the high school students with a medal and ...  Read more.  Jan 8, 2018