Top GMs from across Hilton discuss how they use recognition to motivate their team, improve performance, and address business objectives. Watch video.


A Recognized Team Is a Happy Team.

I have just recently joined my team and brought in quite a few new recognition ideas to help inspire my team. Here are a few: Housekeeping Poker - Everyday of a week, the Housekeepers have an opportunity to earn a playing card. A review from a guest, going out of their way to help a guest or a Team Member, scoring high on their room inspection, etc. At the end of the week, they pick their best five cards and the person with the best Poker ...  Read more.  Feb 16, 2018

Meet our 2017 International Housekeeping Week Winners

Congratulations to the following properties. Thanks for recognizing your Kings and Queens of Clean in fun and unique ways. Winning locations will receive a $100 gift card, good for a team celebration. Read their stories and use them for inspiration to recognize your Housekeeping team. Canopy by Hilton Conrad Hotels & Resorts Curio - A Collection by Hilton DoubleTree by Hilton Embassy Suites by Hilton Hampton by Hilton Hilton Garden ...  Read more.  Sep 28, 2017

Global Week of Sales / Ankara HiltonSA

Derya Duman Ankara HiltonSA Sales Team of Ankara HiltonSA celebrated the Global Week of Sales with their clients to engage, encourage and appreciate their business. We've designed custom made Hollywood themed cakes while going to sales calls and made oscar statues having their names on it. [gallery link="none" size="large" ...  Read more.  Sep 21, 2017

Recognition Idea Suggestions and Our Own Practices

Here are some ideas and practices that we do to recognize our employees here at the Hilton San Gabriel: 1. Have a banner that reads "We can't spell success without you, thank you for your hard work." 2. We hold an Employee Luncheon every quarter and give recognition to employees. 3. We do a surprise recognition where we congratulate and reward an employee while at his or her own work area where co-workers witness the recognition by GM and ...  Read more.  Jun 8, 2017

Engineering / Renovation

I think we need to recognize our engineering team for the wonderful job they have been doing for our renovation efforts. They have worked extremely hard side-by-side with our builders during this renovation. I feel it necessary for them to be commended and awarded for their hard work. This might be in the form of a catered lunch and award ...  Read more.  Feb 14, 2017