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Getting to Know Your Guest’s “Celebrity” Preferences.

As 90% of our guests have Hilton breakfast in our hotel, we wanted to do something special and make them feel like a celebrity.

So we designed a spread sheet and named it “Know your Celebrity.” We know the names of the guests but we would go a bit further and see what our guest’s drinks, eats and if there is any particular request that they have and put all the information on the spread sheet.

The spread sheets would look like this….

“Know your Celebrity”


Mr XYZ – Likes Cranberry Juice, 2 poached eggs on Brown Toast and take-away Medium back coffee on his way out.

Mr ABC – No juices at all only Peppermint Tea.

We made sure we put as much information as we get and we spoke about the same during our briefings. Then it would surprise the guest by reading their minds.

It definitely has made an impact, it clearly shows on our SALT scores for F&B. We are 4th on the F&B League Table Full Year 2009 in UK and have shown an improvement of 8.9% on Overall F&B on SALT. I would not say that this is the only thing that’s has made the difference but this has made my guest feel very special and important.

Posted on Jan 28, 2010

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