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10 “Stops” to Your Recognition.

Recognition is vital to boosting morale, promoting teamwork, and building an effective workforce. You can’t skip it!

If you’re having trouble fitting in recognition, here are 10 recognition roadblocks (as suggested by David Zinger) that you may not realize.

  1. Stop waiting for a magic moment to recognize. Don’t wait for a team rally or a “slow” day. Recognize your Team Members now, even if it’s as simple as a verbal “thank you.”
  2. Stop mistaking engagement as someone else’s job or responsibility. Recognition is every one’s responsibility, from managers to Team Members. Often, recognition can mean even more when it comes from peers.
  3. Stop conceptualizing engagement as a problem to be solved. Recognition is meant to an on-going habit that tells Team Members they’re valued every day. You can never be “finished.”
  4. Stop searching for a stronger business case for engagement. Recognition positively impacts morale, service, retention, and other key business objectives. Many hotels see significant jumps in performance and SALT scores during our recognition programs.
  5. Stop thinking of recognition as “extra.” Recognition isn’t a birthday present or reward for magic SALT scores. It’s a tool to motivate your team.
  6. Stop believing you need more data to begin. Recognition doesn’t need a fancy battle plan. Order in lunch for your team, or print off a customizable certificate. The “on-the-spot” recognition will make it even sweeter.
  7. Stop seeing managers or leaders as someone other than a Team Member. You know that saying, “There are no small roles, just small actors”? It means everyone plays an vital role in the hotel, and no one’s job is more deserving of recognition.
  8. Stop wasting time formulating big programs and splashy launches. You don’t have to wait for Catch Me at My Best® to encourage peer recognition. Put a pack of Post-Its in the break room, and challenge Team Members to use every page to write compliments or thank-you notes to each other.
  9. Stop extensive consulting with experts so you have time to consult with Team Members. The best ideas can come from your team. Let Team Members know you value their opinions and ask them ideas or suggestions on how to improve customer service, efficiency, or other areas in the hotel.
  10. Stop trying and start doing. You’ll notice an immense change when you incorporate recognition in your hotel. Today, walk the hotel and praise Team Members. Leave a treat in the break room such as candy or doughnuts. Spring a “pop quiz” that rewards Team Members for their knowledge of excellent hospitality.


Posted on Feb 19, 2013

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas, Thought Leadership

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