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Team Member Game Idea Starters

The summer games are coming soon. Hotels across Hilton Worldwide are organizing their own internal games as a way to build morale, encourage teamwork, and increase knowledge of brand standards. Try the following:

  • See who can fold the most towels in 10 minutes.
  • Have a Food & Beverage relay race! Team Members race across the dining room while balancing unbreakable condiments on trays.
  • Fill a giant jar with jellybeans and see who can guess the correct amount without going over.
  • Using a game show format, ask Team Members questions related to hotel standards. Make it fun—have music and low-cost prizes. Use a buzzer or hotel bell to “buzz in” answers.
  • See who can be most creative with towel origami.
  • Divide Team Members into teams and see who can catch the most peers. Challenge them to only catch peers from other teams!
  • Host a scavenger hunt! Hide toy versions of commonly lost items around the hotel (teeth, rings, money, etc). The first team to find all items on their list wins!
  • Ready for the Super Cereal Bowl? Take plastic or paper bowls of different sizes and see which team can stack the highest tower.
  • Competitive soap stacking! See which team can build the highest structure from soap bars or bottles.
  • Throw Goldfish® crackers across the room to a partner, who must catch them in a cup.
  • Using a grapefruit as a bowling ball, see who can knock over the most plastic cups. As an added challenge, fill the cups with salt to make them heavier.
  • Take the GridIron Challenge! Have teams iron wrinkled linens, shirts, and/or pants, and neatly fold them into stacks. The quickest team wins.
  • Select a champion from each team and have them stand in a circle. Start off a story about a great catch with one sentence. The Team Member to your right has to continue the story with another sentence. You’re out when you run out of ideas. See who can last the longest!
  • Have a Housekeeping cart-decorating contest. Award points to the team with the most beautiful, most creative, and most resourceful carts!
  • Use traffic cones or caution signs to create an obstacle course in the parking lot. See which team can get a housekeeping cart through the maze the fastest.
  • Hang toilet seats from the ceiling using fishing twine. Have teams toss toilet paper through the seats for points.
  • Give each team a 100-piece puzzle and see who can solve it first. Make your own with a group photo or inspirational quote. Just search “custom jigsaw puzzle” online.
  • Challenge teams to see who can make the most beds or stuff the most pillows in 10 minutes. Give them the option to do it blindfolded for extra points or a secret prize.
  • Organize a Dumpster Dash! Have teams run to the dumpster, deposit a bag, and return.
  • Are your team members Iron Chefs? Find out with a cooking competition. Have one champion from each team bring in a secret homemade dish. Have a blind taste test to determine the winner.
  • Department Charades—only the categories are guest issues (mime ringing a front desk bell), housekeeping issues (mime vacuuming), room issues (mime turning a light switch on and off) or facility issues (mine turning a wrench). The Team Members act out common complaints charades-style. Once the answer is guessed (5 points), there is a 15-second bonus round as the playing side offers up solutions or preventative measures, 1 point for each realistic suggestion.
  • Place extra flashlights and batteries at strategic locations throughout your hotel. Then have a scavenger hunt to see which team members can find all of them. The winners can receive a small prize but, more importantly, everyone will be prepared in case of a power outage!
  • Take a empty room and replicate 10 common but hard-to-notice issues that a guest may find (a light bulb that doesn’t work, a gum wrapper in the back corner, or a dripping faucet). See who can spot all 10 issues the fastest.
  • Put Team Members into teams and give each a pair of inexpensive lace-up shoes. Start with the laces pulled out of the shoes. The first Team Member sits down, laces the shoes up all the way, and walks across the room. Then they sit down, untie the shoes and yank out the laces. The next Team Member does the same thing. The game ends when all the members in one team have walked the walk. The shoes don’t have to fit everyone—that just means the Teammates have to walk slowly and carefully!
  • Throughout the week, take pictures and post them to your community’s website!

    Recognize your champions with a small prize, a gold medal, or a Catch Me card. And be sure to recognize all Team Members with a celebratory meal at the end of your competitions.

    Posted on Jun 28, 2012

    Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas

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