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A Bright Blue Future Energy Story by Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Hotels.

Beginning this year, we dominated a world of “Travel with of purpose” with an unyielding support to community, truly engaged with the youth. Hilton Team Members showed unique spirit and passion towards initiatives and programs that directly impacts our most admired Bright Blue futures .

Being worldly and generous or else fun-loving and numerous purpose-driven reasons that counts on community engagement, this is Conrad’s legacy expecting us. “Your life cannot be a personal success unless you share in shaping your own world,” he quoted. The world is full of opportunities, all you have to do is share your time and treasure, be involved and sign up and participate in the Purpose portal.

The Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort and Residences took a further step to assist the needs of young people, and we are proud to support youth through Bright Blue Futures, its global community relations program providing stability and hope for youth. Find out how we’re making a difference to people around the world.

January 25,2013
INITIATIVE : Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 2013
No.of Volunteers : 9 Runners (10k) and 2 Runners (42k Marathon)

Every five seconds, someone, somewhere in the world goes blind. Every minute, one more child goes blind – ninety percent of blind children don’t attend school.

There are 1.4 million blind children in the world, 1 million of whom live in Asia and 300,000 in Africa. About 40% of the causes of childhood blindness are preventable or treatable.Poor eye sight, let alone blindness, will impact a child’s ability to read a chalkboard or book and, therefore, has a huge impact on their education.
There are up to 39 million people already blind across the world. Without effective intervention, this is set to rise to 76 million by 2020.

Support to Marathon Organizer’s “Seeing is Beleiving”campaign.
UAE have raised over USD200, 000 through various initiatives . Additionally, Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 2012 were able to raise AED50, 000 for this cause.With an ambitious target of raising US$100 million by 2020,support and committment to the development of sustainable eye-care services in area of poverty is in high need.
Why we’re doing this?
45 million people across the world are blind.
80 percent of blindness is avoidable.
90 percent of avoidable blindness occurs in the developing world.
Every five seconds, someone goes blind.
One child goes blind every minute and 60 percent of children die within one year of going blind.
Without effective, major intervention, the number of blind people in the world could increase to 76 million by 2020.
To find out more , please visit www.seeingisbelieving.org


February 8,2013
INITIATIVE : Dubai Cares Walk for Education 2013
No.of Volunteers : 33 Hilton employees

The 3Km. Walk aims to raise awareness of issues that prevent children in developing countries from gaining access to quality primary education and highlights the importance of primary education in breaking the cycle of poverty.
It specifically geared towards involving the UAE community to raise awareness and promote volunteerism, as well as to provide an opportunity to experience first-hand the hardships that children in these countries endure on a daily basis.

Education is a critical factor in every child’s development. Yet, millions of children around the world, particularly in 28 developing countries, do not have access to quality primary education.Dubai Cares ( https://tinyurl.com/c5e3zkj ) commits significant resources towards Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning activities that not only ensure alignment with its vision and values, but also become a source of valuable information for local and international communities. On gender equality, Dubai Cares’ approach aims to secure equal access for boys and girls to safe learning environments with adequate facilities, materials and academic support from qualified teachers and engaged communities.

– –= = + = = — –
Yes! I did it!Success! These are random volunteer expressions from our employees who ran and walked for worthy causes.It has taken a lot of hard work and dedication to battle for new personal bests,pushing limitations ,experiences and amazing achievements.Year after year,these events has grown in big significance and popularity
even the race competition are stiff , fog-risked and unconditional.
Hilton had won a great accolade for participating at the biggest mass sporting event in the the Middle East and one of the world’s iconic road races with SC Dubai Marathon.It is more than just a competition,records and fun,there is a real sense of community as it is organised for all ages and over 139 nationalities in Dubai.With our forty-four distinguished volunteers who sacrificed their days off and time,they have strengthened their physical attributes but also humanitarian muscle.Their performances really “Showme you Care” that had marked a footprint through our Corporate Responsibility journey.
Now that we are in the second page of our calendar year,we strongly believed that more competent initiatives are along the way.February 17 is recognizing “Random acts of Kindness Day “and this blog story has one way or the other a good message to tell everyone.This emphasized also that”Love Month ” is celebrated by the heartfelt responses many hotels are geared towards community challenges. Many thanks to all departments involved as well all the wishers and expectators who possibly made it all happen.
WAY TO GO TEAM! Go Forward Bright Blue Futures!

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Posted on Feb 20, 2013

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