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A Competitive Housekeeping Week, Complete With a Game of “Texas Fold ‘Em”!

We really had a lot of fun with this year’s housekeeping week theme, “The Kings and Queens of Housekeeping.” Everyone really got into the act as you can see from the pictures. We used ideas from the game show “Minute To Win It” to have daily 60 second team challenges. We plan to use the same 60-second challenge design with all our departments throughout the year. They make great icebreakers to start a meeting or just adding some quick fun to keep everyone upbeat.

Download Our Housekeeping Week Contest Details and Photos. (MSWord)

Posted on Sep 30, 2010

Topic(s): Department-Specific Recognition, International Housekeeping Week, Recent Recognition Ideas

Moderator says

We really like how you themed it around “Minute to Win It” and 60-second contests, keeping the activities brief and fun. Please update us on the other department activities throughout the year.

Commented on September 30, 2010

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