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A Housekeeping Week “Scramble.”

Beth Keen,
Hampton Inn Lexington-Historic District, VA

Here’s Our Celebration Planner for Housekeeping Week 2009. Each day, we did something special for the Housekeeping Team.

Sunday – We had a word jumble contest (see more) using a Word Scramble website. Each person had 15 minutes to complete, and a pair of pearl earrings was the prize. A local jewelry store went out of business, so I bought them really cheap.

Special touch – I made out Thank You cards and put a lottery ticket in each.

Monday – Bathmat/washcloth folding contest (I gave each person 10 bathmats and 20 washcloths and whoever folded them together the way we put them in the rooms the fastest won a gift certificate for a pedicure.)

Special touch – I put clothespins on each of them and throughout the day they could not say the word “room” or someone could take their pin. At the end of the day, the one with the most clothespins won a free night stay at our hotel.

Tuesday – We held a duvet cover folding contest. I paired the Housekeepers up into teams of two and whichever team folded 10 duvet covers the fastest won a Yankee Candle.)

Special touch – Tuesday is the day we clean our air conditioning units. I went into vacant dirty rooms and put one dollar bills in 3 of each of the girls rooms. If they cleaned the filters like they were supposed to, they got to keep the money.

Wednesday – What’s missing in the room. (I took 25 items out of the room, ranging from pens to lampshades, just about anything I could think of and gave each housekeeper fie minutes in the room to see if they could figure out what was missing. The prize for the most things found was a 25 dollar gas card.) Special touch – I brought doughnuts for the girls to enjoy first thing in the morning.

Thursday – Who can make a rollaway the fastest (Each person was given the sheets, blankets, pillow and towels needed to make a rollaway. Whoever did it the fastest won a gift certificate to Applebees.)

Special touch – I handed out the gifts that I ordered for them out of the positive promotions catalog.

Friday – This one was a lot of fun. Over the last few years, we made “Shrek” our Housekeeping Mascot after a stuffed toy Shrek was found and unclaimed. My assistant and I printed out 50 pictures of Shrek and while everyone was up on the floor working, we taped the photos all over our laundry and break room. At break time, the girls had to see how many they could find. The winner won a gift bag that included DVDs of Shrek, Shrek2 and Shrek the 3rd, along with microwave popcorn and snowcaps. This was favorite among all of them.

Special touch – I gave each member of out team small bas of chocolates with “You’re Appreciated” attached to them.

Saturday – On this day, each housekeeper was given 10 pillows and 10 pillowcases and whomever could stuff them the fastest (and they look presentable) won a prize of a a gift certificate for Bath and Body Works.

Special touch – I ordered pizza for us to enjoy for lunch.

Posted on Oct 26, 2009

Topic(s): Celebration Plans, Department-Specific Recognition, International Housekeeping Week

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