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A Memorable Stay at the Hilton Atlanta Northeast!

Below is an e-mail I received from a guest at Hilton Atlanta Northeast:

Dear Mr. Fincannon,

As a septuagenarian, my wife and I have spent time in a number of Hilton hotels. In general, the staff is nicer and more helpful than at most other chains.

From May 19-22, we, as part of the national Templars convent, were at the Hilton Northeast in Norcross. I must say that your entire staff were far and above the friendliness, concern, and kindness, even at your other Hilton hotels around the country.

Now, I must give a special commendation to Mr. Nathaniel Taylor, the front desk manager, a gentleman of grace and wit, and an exemplar of care and concern for his customers–traits that he seems to have imbued in his staff (Susan and Jermaine are the only names I remember.)

Now, I will tell you a story: When we left, we inadvertently left behind my sister’s suitcase. We arrived in Augusta at about 3 PM, and only then realized that her bag was not in the car. She had to leave on her flight back to Philadelphia at 6:30, but inevitably, she had a layover in Atlanta (a friend of mine from Birmingham once told me: ‘If you’re going to Hell, you’ll have a layover in Atlanta’). At any rate, my sister called the hotel, and Mr. Taylor told her not to worry. They delivered her bag to her during her layover, and all was right with the world.

I’m writing not only to extol the Hilton and its staff in Norcross, but to point out that Nathaniel Taylor seems to be the driving force in assuring that your customers realize that the Hilton hotels have a high degree of care and concern for their customers. Sir, the Hilton Northeast in Norcross is a jewel for your chain. They’ve recently made a lot of converts, who will look to the Hilton chain first… and, as I understand it, because of the experience in Norcross, the 2012 convent in San Antonio will be held at a Hilton on the Paseo del Rio.

With best regards, yours truly,

Posted on Jun 22, 2011

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