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A Small Act of Hospitality Creates a Hotel Mascot.

Nancy, our Director of Finance and Human Resources, saw a malnourished kitten in the field adjacent to our hotel. She immediately came to his rescue and saved his life. He has since become our Embassy cat, named Smokey. It is an unusual example– becuase of her small act of hospitality, and just being a good person, she has created a mascot for a lot of our guests. Smokey is now a big-fat-spoiled-gray cat with a typical cat attitude! We have regulars who ask for him, who pet him and hang out with him. Once, a guest was upset, and Smokey jumped up on the desk and the guest melted. He loved cats! When kids have birthday parties on the weekends, I show them who smokey is…they love it! He has his own email address. He comes out from behind the front desk (he will never jump it, he knows where his food is) for an appearance at our client parties. We throw him birthday parties with a “Hello Kitty” theme. He was on the cover of our holiday cards that we sent out to over 100 of our top guests and to all of our Team Members. He has helped guests take the pain out of traveling by allowing them to pet him and has also helped our Team Members alleviate normal hotel stress when they come to visit him! And this is all because of Nancy’s small act of hospitality!

Posted on May 18, 2011

Topic(s): Hilton Worldwide Values, Recent Recognition Ideas

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