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All Managers Pitch In to Recognize the Housekeeping Team!

Melanie Myers,
Homewood Suites York, PA

We believe the our housekeepers are extremely hard workers and try hard to recognize them and all that they do for the hotel and the guests. All Managers decided to take a day for the housekeeping – so here is how our week went.

Maintenance – Had a display of candy, chips/pretzels and sodas for everyone on the 1st day.
Sales – Did a ice cream sundae bar with everyone on the 2nd day
Ops – Cooked lunch for everyone on the 3rd day
Exec. and Asst. Exec.of Housekeeping – made all of the girls and guys baskets each individual with lotion, cards, candies, mugs etc…

GM – I had the last day with a final finale – we played pick a duck from the water pond, answer the Homewood trivia question and win a prize. We did bed making racing. We had housekeepers bring in baby pictures and whoever came closest to get the correct amount right won a prize. We also handed out poker cards all week to whoever had two inspections a day that the Exec. did not find any problem with their rooms receive poker cards. At the end of the week whoever had the best hand won a prize. They each received a long stem rose and finished out with a big cake that said “Homewood Housekeepers Rock!”

On Fridays I try and choose one team member in the a.m. to have breakfast with to get to know each one of them better!

Posted on Sep 24, 2009

Topic(s): Celebration Plans, Department-Specific Recognition, International Housekeeping Week

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