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AMAZING Housekeeping Holiday Tree at Hampton Inn & Suites San Juan, Puerto Rico!

Greetings from Hampton Inn & Suites San Juan, Puerto Rico. Just want to share our Hamptonality Christmas Tree 2013. Our tree was decorated with handmade ornaments of Hilton values, photo cards recognizing our Team Members’ service years, amenities, gold spray painted discarded wash cloths, and taterware. In the top of the tree, we used spray painted brooms in gold, in appreciation of their golden hospitality service. We built the tree from the top, beginning with the oldest Team Members in service years and ending with the new hires on the bottom. They placed their photo card one by one, making a great team building activity. Then, we finished with seasonal music, snacks and joy…ready to start holiday season.

Happy Housekeeping Sparkling Holidays 2013!

Posted on Nov 25, 2013

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas

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