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An Amazing Hilton Dubai Jumeirah BBF Program at International Youth Week.

One of the most common phrases I use these days is ‘Sharing is Caring!’ No matter how classic this may sound to you, I can honestly tell you; the more I say it, the more I understand the true meaning behind it. Actually, the more I practice it, a lot more moments I take as souvenirs.

I got one just recently, Sunday 12th, August 2012. As part of International Youth Week (IYW) activities, we have shared an Iftar meal with 46 children and 23 care givers at the Senses Residential and Day Care for Special Needs.

We were 25 in total representing Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort and Residences including team members from Front Office, Food & Beverage, Human Resources, Operations, Reservations, Marketing, Finance and Conference & Events.

We could have been even more however we had to turn down so many volunteers since the facility was not able to accommodate more than 25!.

Some of us helped the caregivers to set up the tables and some of us dressed up as a clown and a rabbit to cheer the kids up – many thanks to Housekeeping in Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort & Residences and Hilton Dubai Creek.

When it was time for Iftar, each one of us helped out the kids so that they can enjoy their meals. I would have to mention that this requires a special way of approach and skills to be able to help the kids.

Watching and helping the kids, my colleagues and the caregivers for almost 2 hours, made me realize that sometimes happiness is hidden between simple things; a gesture, a smile, a clown, a shared meal and a hug and that is what we did!

If you haven’t witnessed the simplicity of happiness yet, all I can say is, share and you shall see =)

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Posted on Oct 1, 2012

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