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An Entire Week of Recognition at a Cost of $5 Per Team Member.

For International Housekeeping Week we planned an entire week of activities and events. For each activity/event we had managers and executives from other departments such as Sales, Accounting, the Restaurant, and our corporate office participate. I attached our planned activities flyer that I sent to all department management as well an excel document of the cost (just over $400 for the whole week) for recognizing all 86 housekeepers. During the week, we took pictures that we made into a slide presentation and have been playing in our associate cafeteria since the week ended on the 18th.

One of the most popular events was our “Pillow Stuffing Race”. The competitors included our CEO, Director of F&B, Front Office Manager, Sales Manager, Director of Revenue, and Vice President of Human Resources. We took pictures of each of the competitors and hung them up on a billboard throughout the week; each housekeeper was able to “bet” on which manager they thought would win by signing up under that manager/executive (we gave each housekeeper $1 to bet with). The housekeepers enjoyed watching the competitors struggle to properly stuff a pillow according to room standards and were cheering on the person they bet on and/or told them if they were doing something wrong. The housekeeping department loved the interaction with leaders in the company; we wanted them to know that the entire company recognized the hard work that they did and that everyone benefits from their services and I believe we succeeded in that!

Download our weekly plan. (PDF)

Download our budget. (PDF)

Posted on Sep 23, 2010

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