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Bowling, New Uniforms, and Mummy-Wrapping at Hilton Prague Old Town.

You can’t start the day — or Housekeeping Week — with an empty stomach! So, our first and opening day was celebrated in our largest meeting room, Dvorak, where our Housekeeping team was treated by F&B and the Kitchen staff to an original Hilton breakfast, served the same way as for our guests! The hotel management and other line Team Members joined as well, so we had a nice and pleasant morning.

On Tuesday, we had a lot of departures; therefore, in the morning, we created two groups that consisted of colleagues from F&B, FO, IT, Finance, Business Development, and the Technical department, who competed in stripping beds and clearing rubbish from rooms. The fastest group did about 30 rooms within half an hour. I was surprised at what enthusiastic Team Members we have — especially Jan in our IT department! 🙂 As he said, “My wife is 8 months pregnant and at home, I have to do everything alone and I do not like it if it takes time!” Obviously, some little recognition was prepared for both the winning and losing groups.

In the afternoon, we had another exciting exercise — “Blind sheet folding.” Actually, it was more blindfolded extra bed-making, just in case hotel needed some extra beds to be done during the electricity outage. 😉 Anyway, another two groups were created once again from the teams of Housekeeping, Kitchen, Stewarding, Bell Boys, Sales, and Reservations. First, instructions were given. Use the extra linen to cover your eyes and make an extra bed. Both time and quality were considered. And it was even harder for Karel in Stewarding, who has a real handicap, deaf and mute, so he had to be even more focused than anyone else during the instructions! And the winner is??!!! Obviously ALL, but one group was a bit better and won some sweets. This is not the end! Ashley from the Kitchen has a birthday today. “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you…..lalalal,” and she received a little cake with a small candle.

Here we are! The middle of the week has come and we have more exciting games ahead of us. During the past month, we have been collecting empty plastic bottles, which served as pins for bowling… Obviously, we need some balls as well. So, we once again mixed teams from all different departments and created one (or more) balls from extra linen. To make it a bigger challenge, pins were very close to each other from both teams, and we have counted the fallen one as well, if one team took down pins from the other team. Look at the pictures of sizes of the balls! But as is said many times, ”the size does not always matter!” There were some very interesting styles of throwing the balls — our lights got hit but fortunately stayed on the ceiling. There was also some entertainment for the players – imagine that the white big ball is flying and before it hits the ground, you see behind it a member of the jury (Misa from Finance) falling over the photographer (our HR Irenka)” — again, fortunately, without any injury.

Then, it was time to invite everyone to lunch at our canteen. We created a menu for our Housekeeping team, which consists of people from Czech Republic, Ukraine, Mongolia, Russia… Our chef served Pelmeni, Borsc, Chicken schnitzel with potatoes, and all different salads. And the response from our team was that they felt at home!

We used the afternoon in a more calm and creative way. From all different supplies, we challenged again two mixed teams to come up with the new Housekeeping uniform. Obviously, outcome has been recorded. Both uniforms were excellent, and it was very hard to decide which group is the winning one. At the end, a small detail brought the winner — a little Hilton logo drawn on one of the uniforms!

On the last day, since we have plenty of extra linen, we tried to make a record for the Guinness Book of World Records by making the longest line created within a time frame. Since one of the groups used a very special fast style, they won in no time! “We have a more time??! And we have some visitors? Let’s use the lines and create quickly two mummies.” At first they were not very tied down, but they realized pretty soon that they could not run away anymore. So, have a look at the pictures to see our F&B Manager, Daniel, and Executive Chef, Ari, becoming mummies.

In the afternoon, we built a new Hilton Prague Extravaganza hotel. We received a few criteria: design, size, and first impression. Very difficult task! Stability of our constructions were not so good… However, we ended up with very nice creations with gardens, columns, statues, fountains, and even underground parking. Once again, very hard to choose the winner. At the end, we had to call our GM to crack it! And the winner is…tallest tower with the Hilton Logo!!!

Finally, it was Friday, and the week was almost over. The exhausted competitors were invited to our closing ceremony in our meeting room, Chopin. Everyone had a drink and a piece of cake. And we continued with a raffle! I had to persuade a lot of people (from our internal hotel departments, to suppliers, to the owners of leased labor companies) to donate some prizes but in the end, everyone received at least 2 presents.THANK YOU TO ALL!

It is Friday, 16/09 17:00, and it is still not over!!!

Hurry up! At 18:30 our private boat was leaving the dock for the 2-hour cruise on the river Vltava with a few drinks and a buffet. I was thinking that everything goes so smoothly when you get ready and plan ahead. Yes, it was true until now. Our boat had been give to other company, since “me, myself, and I” ordered the boat for Friday 19/09/2011 instead of Friday 16/09/2011! This is me at the moment, and my pregnancy is taking away a few brain cells again ;). But I managed the mess, and we joined a different boat in a private lounge, and since it is always about people, we had a Great Time!


Posted on Sep 21, 2011

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Luca says

Well done Pavlina & Housekeeping Team you did a great job, it was a great Housekeeping Week with plenty of activities and lots of fun!!!

Commented on September 22, 2011

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