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Can You Fold Blankets Blindfolded?

Christine Newfell,
Doubletree Hotel Boston/Westborough, MA

Doubletree Westborough’s Housekeeping Department had a fantastic International Housekeeping Week!

The team was treated to several meals as well as having breakfast in the restaurant, which is always a favorite event for them. The kitchen also prepared a delightful lunch with all the Spanish foods per team requests. A buffet breakfast greeted them mid-week outside the housekeeping office. 

On day one the room attendants’ carts were decorated with balloons.  On day two, everyone received a personalized water bottle thanking them for their service to our guests. 

All associates were invited to join the Housekeeping team for a mid-afternoon “sundae break”. Our GM scooped ice cream and a wide array of delicious toppings were available.  

On Friday, the Sales team treated Housekeeping to coffee and bagels. Each associate received a personalized thank you from the Director of Housekeeping, too.  Colorful key chains were given to all and each Housekeeping associate received a small gift of appreciation. 

Everyone agreed that the most fun event of the week was held after the luncheon. Last year the staff had so much fun with a mummy wrapping race (wrapping with toilet paper) and a race to fold blankets while blindfolded, that we decided to repeat the games. Our HRD joined in the fun and tried to fold a blanket blindfolded (she did not win ☺).  The mummy wrapping is a hoot as bystanders cheer on their favorite team. The goal is for one team member to completely wrap another with toilet paper- mummy fashion. I have attached some photos of the fun.  Looking forward to next year, too!

Posted on Nov 10, 2009

Topic(s): Department-Specific Recognition, International Housekeeping Week

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