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Catch Me at My Best Best Practice Winners 2017

  • Laura Amaral, Embassy Suites by Hilton Deerfield Beach Resort & Spa
    "We played a game of Catch me Forward with Selfies where the Manager started the day with 9 catch me cards in their hand; they would catch the first person, take a selfie and hand over the 8 catch me cards to the person caught asking them to Catch me Forward, basically to pay it forward; then that person would catch the next person, do a selfie and hand over the 7 cards for that person to catch forward. We did collages with all the selfies and shared them with our team in stand ups, email and Marlin board. It caught on and it was a lot of fun!"
  • Jane Cao, Hilton Shenzhen Futian
    "How to delivery and spread the spirit of recognition to all of team members? We-Chat is the most popular social media in china. Almost all of team members have the We-Chat, so we edit We-Chat story with photo who is the protagonist of Catch me at my best.So far we already post three team members from different section weekly, who are shining stars of catch me program. We are planning to interview the ENG protagonist this week. This Friday will post ENG catch me hero at We-Chat. All team members are glad to see their colleague who are shown in the We-Chat, like they are well-know figures. Yes, they are more valuable than the well know figures in HILTON.That’s really a good method to spread Hilton value to real life."
  • Rebecca Clements, Home2 Suites by Hilton La Crosse
    "We have a lot of fun with the Catch Me at My Best program at our hotel and the whole team enjoys it! At the end of each of the three months, the team member with the most catches from both FOH and BOH are the winners! As a prize, they are able to pick a manager of their choosing and either get to push the manager in the pool or pie them in the face. This has had a really great response so far. For the June winners, pushing people in the pool was the popular decision. That ended up being an impromptu pool party for the whole team. The July winners chose to pie their managers in the face. Both of the pies were a bit of a surprise and one was stuffed full with mushrooms and the other was made of shaving cream! Who knows what August winners will choose. At the end of the three months, we will have a grand prize for the winner of both the FOH and BOH with the most cumulative catches over the summer as well!"
  • Brandy Dixon, Hampton Inn Indianapolis SW/Plainfield
    "We have prizes for Front and Heart of house for each month’s winners, a prize for each overall winner and a grand prize drawing, which every employee gets a name in the drawing for EACH Catch Me they received. On the last day of the contest this year, I challenged each and every employee to write FIVE catch me cards before they went home for anyone they wanted and turn them in before they left. It was called Project Fill the Box!! AND IT WORKED!! I have a TON of more Catch Me’s to enter today. It was a great way for newer employees to meet and learn about our other employees no matter what department they work in. We will end the contest with a huge celebration, catered lunch, and gift bags with fun stuff for everyone. At the beginning, we kicked it off with a pizza party and gift bags for everyone with Catch Me T-shirts that they could wear every Friday with their uniform pants, or they could pay $2.00 and wear jeans. We collected $140 over the summer just for wearing jeans and we will be matching that and donating it to a charity that we vote on at the Catch Me Party. Super excited to do our part and give back as well."
  • Ally Martin, Hilton Garden Inn Hilton Head
    "To challenge the leadership team weekly on recognizing the staff where every leader will write a minimum of 5 Catch Me’s to recognize then we read a few of them allowed during our huddles to help motivate and inspire based of of their actions in their Catch! Lastly we post all catch me’s on our shout out wall for all team members to see and award our highest caught with gift cards!"
  • Nicole Pinkham, Doubletree by Hilton Bethesda
    "During our Monthly Employee Lunch Celebration we announced and shared with everyone who won gift cards. Both Karen and Roza pictured with our General Manager, Steve Wieder, received a certificate and a $20 Gift Card each for recently getting 10 Catches!! We tally up our catches and for every 10 catches an employee gets we give them a $20 gift card. Karen and Roza were the latest winners. We wanted to award them and recognize them in front of everyone and thank them for all that they do to make our guests feel welcome!"
  • Chrissy Powers, Homewood Suites by Hilton Concord Charlotte
    "For our very first Catch Me Year here at the Homewood Suites by Hilton Concord Charlotte, we went with a Golf Theme which is called the HWS Tour. We created a golf course using a table to make it appear 3D. There are holes through out the course from the 10th hole to the 100th hole. Every time a catch is received each team member’s golf ball is moved up the course. The table sits in our lobby beside the front desk for the guest to see. Each week we change out the Catch Me’s received so that the guest can see what others are saying about our staff and is also a great conversation starter. The guests want to know what it is and how they can be involved. June was F&B Month, August was Heart of the House month and August is Front Desk Month. We created a calendar for each month with recognition and fun things to do that helps to keep Catch Me alive."
  • Jennifer Baker , Hilton Greenville NC
    "Here at the Hilton Greenville NC we have a theme each week to make sure everyone has a chance to be a winner! Only 2 of the weekly themes would exclude back of the house; that would be “Most Front of the House” week and “Most Management” catches week. All others give each team member the opportunity to win the weekly $10 cash prize. Last week, week 4, was the “Most Back of the House”, in which the back of the house team member with the most catches won the cash prize. Our winner was Coy Ragsdale, one of our maintenance engineers. During the “Most Above and Beyond” weekly theme, a back of the house employee, Houseman Ervin Ford, was the winner! We have “Catch Me at My Best” boards in three places; housekeeping by the time clock, in our breakroom in the banquet hall, and near our front desk/management office. Each week we take a picture of the team member receiving their catches and candy. The pictures are posted…some from every department, in all three areas. This way, every team member gets to see the participation from all walks of Hilton employees. As an added FUN bonus, each week, the winner’s photo is showcased in a funny poster that is displayed as well! We are striving to make this an all inclusive Catch Me At My Best!!"
  • Desaree Brisco , Homewood Suites by Hilton Phoenix/Scottsdale
    "At our Homewood we created Jenny Bucks, our GM’s name is Jennifer so we made it very fitting and unique to our hotel. We have various ways to earn Jenny bucks including but not limited to Catch me at my best, SALT review with name mentioned or your department, taking initiative or exercising OPOG at its best. Our staff can cash in Jenny bucks for PTO, Homewood swag, Hilton Honors points or even Suite Shop items. Our Jenny bucks incentive program has motivated all departments and are SALT score is slowly rising. The improvement has been phenomenal and we are inspired to make a change instead of just making a dollar."
  • Annie Franco , DoubleTree by Hilton Washington DC -Silver Spring
    "We had all team members personalize a sea creature to add to our Catch Me Underwater Mural. As team members receive catches, their sea creature moves along the sea. Team Members have fun seeing how many catches each person has and who is moving deepest into the sea. Also, we came up with the tag line “Take the Bait…Catch a Mate”!"
  • Damian Humphreys , Hampton inn Anthem
    "As we go through a renovation, we find that attention to detail in the rooms becomes more important. Housekeepers who note two or more issues in a room earn a catch me from Maintenance as this helps our PM program become efficient and hopefully will begin a habit forming best practice….. everyone wins!!!"
  • Sara Janssen , Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center, Seattle, WA
    "We are so excited to start Catch Me Week today! We have special themes and prizes planned for every day. Each day focuses on unique chances to recognize our Team Members. Monday, we are awarding a prize for the Team Member who writes the most Catch Me cards. Tuesday is all about managers and supervisors recognizing their Team Members. Each supervisor and manager is tasked to write a Catch Me for every one of their Team Members working that day. Wednesday is Winning Wednesday, where each Catch Me turned in will be entered into a drawing, and the writer and receiver wins a prize. Thursday is Thoughtful Thursday, where Team Members are tasked to think of someone who really makes a difference for them everyday and Catch them! Friday is Friendly Friday, where Team Members are tasked to Catch someone outside of their department who they always see working hard. Saturday is Smile Saturday. Team Members are asked to Catch someone who makes them smile. Finally, Superstar Sunday is all about Catching people who live out the HILTON values every day. We are so excited as this week begins. Although our hotel is small, we are a mighty Catch Me force!"
  • Jose Lara , Doubletree By Hilton Houston Hobby Airport
    "We had this great idea of painting a tree with branches, each branch is the name of departments and, for each catch me at my best card, is a leaf that is placed on the branch, this is to motivate our employees to fill their branch."
  • Cameron Marsicek , Millenium Hilton
    "Our program this year is entirely designed and themed around detectives to add energy and excitement to this already great recognition program. We have themed days every week, such as Magnified Mondays, where Team Members caught on a Monday receive a chocolate magnifying glass! Each week we also recognize the top agent (catcher) and suspect (catchee) and have a photo wall with detective props to build our Catch Me recognition wall in the Heart of House. The best catch of the week gets to decode a puzzle to select a fun prize such as a gift card or small gift. We also have weeks dedicated to each department where we as a hotel focus our efforts on recognition and engagement to ensure no Team Member isn’t caught throughout the entire summer!"
  • Clare Pusateri , Homewood Suites Stratford CT
    "Each Manager is supporting a department (not their own) in competing to see which team gets the highest average catches per individual team member. It keeps everyone involved and creative!"
  • Richard Atillo, Hilton Garden Inn Riyadh Olaya
    "At the employee entrance door we put a digital screen of the Catch Me At My Best poster and weekly it shows Team and Department standings. This will provide more inspiration for our Team Members to work hard and give their best hospitality to our guests, especially since they are able to see their Catch Me standing at the door steps."
  • Briana Browning, Homewood Suites Mobile East Bay/Daphne
    "During this promotion, I’m planning on walking around without the team knowing that I’m paying extra close attention to what they’re doing! I want them to actually be caught doing their best by me! Some of my Team Members have been here for years and they deserve to be recognized."
  • Shelly Dutkiewicz, Hampton Inn by Hilton South Haven, MI
    "We give prizes to the Team Member that receives the most original “Catch Me” each week. I also do a scavenger hunt, and the Team Member that finds the most items during their shifts each week gets an extra 5 catch me cards added to their tally for the week."
  • Jenn Johnson, Doubletree by Hilton Tulsa Downtown
    "We have a movie themed Catch Me program. To inform Team Members about the program, we passed out popcorn bags with a note about how we appreciate them. Every department has a movie poster with “Catch” in the title, posted on a “red carpet” (piece of poster paper) along with stars with Team Members’ names for their own walk of fame. When a Catch is received, it is dropped into a Nomination box at HR. Every week, we randomly pick one male and female catch for the Best Actor/Best Actress for the week, who wins Catch Me prizes. After this, all catches will be displayed in their department for reminders and encouragement. If we reach our Catch goal for the summer, we’re going to have a Cast After-Party with all Team Members. We want to show our Hilton family that we’re all stars here, whether they’re backstage or in front of the camera."
  • Shennel Johnson, Hilton Trinidad & Conference Centre / Trinidad & Tobago
    "This year our “Catch Me” theme is Superheroes of Service! To encourage more peer-to-peer catches, we created a Catch Me stand where our team members can fill out catch me cards and deposit them. This stand is located near the main entrance of the hotel so team members can easily fill out and deposit the forms. The box is cleared daily!"
  • Kris Kratz, Embassy Suites East Peoria Hotel and Conference Center
    "Each year we pick a theme. This year is fishing in the “Embas-sea”. Every associate has a fish with their name on it posted on the wall. Every catch they receive they get a “fin”. At the end of every week, the person with the most catches receives a “Catch me” cup filled with candy. We post the weekly department winners as well as the rankings of associates making catches. All of the catches are posted weekly under the “sea” for everyone to read. It really helps to keep the excitement going with the weekly updates."
  • Courtney Scholl, Embassy Suites Winston-Salem
    "Each week, the managers select three “Catches of the Week”. Each winning Team Member receives a Tackle Box of Goodies and are entered into a drawing for a big prize to be awarded at our closing celebration."
  • Rina Wada, Hilton Garden Inn Irvine/OC Airport
    "For Catch Me At My Best this year, we wanted to focus on peer-to-peer catches for our hotel. To keep all of our Team Members motivated, we have raffles for our top three receivers and Top two submitters. These five get put into the biweekly raffle, and two lucky winners get to spin our Prize Wheel! Our Prize Wheel has prizes like PTO hours, movie tickets, gift cards, and free lunches, to name a few. This week, our top submitter, Sara, spun the wheel and received a Hilton Logo Tote bag!"

Posted on May 30, 2018

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