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Catch Me at My Best June 2017 Best Practices

1. Caught in the Net. This year, Hilton Singer Island Oceanfront Resort is displaying their catches on nets lined with shells. They are a beachfront property, so naturally their theme is “Get Caught in the Net.” Every week they will have raffles for prize giveaways inserted in Catch Me Tote bags for their team.

2. Planned Out Catch Me. DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Naples has meticulously planned out their Catch Me At My Best promotions. They are using social media to showcase a featured Catch Me of the Day as well as providing weekly updates for all Team Members through their CAREboard and email. They have also begun a new promotion called “Fresh Catch of the Week”, and the chosen Team Members are invited to enjoy dinner with their family at Café Portofino. During June they are focusing on Make It Right/ Problem Resolution related catches and awarding their Team Members who have been mentioned on a Make It Right related Catch Me cards with extra catches. Extra catches will also be awarded to the entire team if they achieve a 60% score in MIR Awareness and improve their Problem Resolution score to 40% by the end of June. July will focus on Overall Experience. Extra catches will be given to their entire team for each (10) SALT score in Overall Experience, and catches will also be given to each Team Member mentioned in a (10) Overall SALT score. They are also going to run a “Secret Word” contest every Wednesday during July that rewards Team Members who write or receive a Catch Me card that contains the Overall Experience related “secret word.” August will focus on CARE. Extra catches will be handed to each Team Member mentioned in an online Catch Me, who write or receive a cross-departmental Catch Me, and for those who volunteer for a Community event.

3. Things You Can Catch. This year Embassy Suites by Hilton RiverCenter creatively chose their theme to be, “Things That You Catch.” June is Butterflies, July is Fish, and August is Balls. For June, anyone who receives a catch will have their name placed in a drawing. For July, who ever gives a catch to another employee will be placed in a drawing. For August, everyone will be placed on a team, and whichever team receives the most catches wins. The Catch Me cards are placed in a location where everyone can see them and be encouraged to get caught as well as catch a fellow Team Member.

4. Strategic Catch Me Locations. Home2 Suites by Hilton/Farmington-Bloomfield placed posters in strategic locations throughout their hotel including: Inspired Table, Spin2Cycle, Elevators, Front Desk (with dialogue), and in ALL guest rooms on their TV. They also encourage Catch Me at Best every day during huddles and celebrate their “Catch of the Day.”

5. Catch Me That Kite. Hilton Garden Inn Indiana at IUP is soaring to new heights with their Catch Me theme. They have made a giant kite with multiple kite strings and hung it on the wall to share all of their catches with the entire team!

6. Catch Me Poster Frame. During Catch Me at My Best, Hilton Pyramids Golf created a Catch Me card poster frame. They leave it in their Team Member’s restaurant so they can use it to catch other fellow Team Members who they appreciate and want to say THANK YOU to. The poster frame has had a great impact as Team Members enjoy being in the frame.

7. Catch Me Viral Video. The Diplomat Beach Resort Hollywood Curio Collection by Hilton has created a them for Catch Me at My Best that is inspired by the viral video “Catch Me Outside, How Bout Dat?”

8. Catch Me Summer Picnic. To celebrate their Team Members, Hilton Crystal City at Washington Reagan National Airport hosts monthly summer picnics. They have a cook out and recognize their Team Members by reading the Catch Me card details and awarding them with prizes, music, photos, and lots of fun!

9. Caught Up On Catch Me. DoubleTree by Hilton Raleigh Durham Airport at Research Triangle Park realizes that their managers are sometimes too busy during the day to write out their Catch Me cards after seeing a great thing a Team Member has done. To solve this problem, they have allotted time during staff meeting for their managers to get caught up on Catch me cards!

10. The Amazing Catch Me Race! “The Amazing Catch Me Race” is going on now at Homewood Suites by Hilton Sudbury. They have divided their Team Members into 6 teams – Hospitality, Integrity, Leadership, Teamwork, Ownership, and Now. A catch for one equals a catch for the team, with each catch advancing their team plane around the globe. Each week equals a “Leg” of the race with the winning team from each “Leg” receiving a prize! At the end of August, the team with the most catches will win “The Amazing Catch Me Race!”

Posted on Jul 10, 2017

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