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Catch Me at My Best SMILE at Hilton Dubai the Walk, UAE.

Catch Me at my Best SMILE is a Success! We encouraged big smiles, for we know that one smile begets another. During the Internal Career Fair, the Blue Energy Committee asked Team Members to nominate and recognize colleagues who have the best smile ever in the hotel. We used that day as a warm up for Catch Me at My Best in June, as Catch Me at My Best SMILE is in May.

We tabulated the nominations until we got the TOP 4. The nominee who got the highest “Recommends” during the voting period (June 1 – June 12) is NOW our new SMILE AMBASSADOR, and she is no other than RISHDA AMINATH. She got 21 Recommends from our H360 hotel users. Runners up are Mr. Surannga (17 votes ), Wakeel (12 votes) and Deo (5 votes). By doing this activity, we have engaged our 144 Team Members who participated in the nomination process. We have hit 76 comments or responses and 55 Recommend It button presses from our hotel users and other hotel users.

BLUE ENERGY MESSAGE: Be well. Happy Smile Day! That is a great example of the power of a smile to transcend all bounds and a reminder that no matter how different we think we are, we are all really very much alike. We all long to see a smile and we love to get them.

Posted on Jun 17, 2014

Topic(s): Catch Me at My Best, Recent Recognition Ideas

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