Due to the global impact of COVID-19 on hotel operations, Catch Me at My Best and Team Member Appreciation Week (TMAW)
have been postponed until later this year. Updates will be shared here and via the NOW newsletter.


Top GMs from across Hilton discuss how they use recognition to motivate their team, improve performance, and address business objectives. Watch video.

Team Building Activities at Hilton Zamalek Residence

Another successful year is coming to an end and a new year - 2020 is upon us soon! After a year full of challenges, the management team earned a well-deserved retreat to thrive and celebrate together. An opportunity to recharge and motivate the management team to further evolve our great team spirit and bonding. As ‘Great Team Work’ is our key to success! Accordingly, our Hotel Manager - Tarek Zaki decided to end 2019 and welcome 2020 ...  Read more.  Feb 4, 2020

Random Act of Kindness

Our CARE President, Roxanne Valora, put together a board of "Random Act of Kindness" - you are to pull a note card from an envelope, act out the note and post a picture. There are things like, buy someone an ice cream, pour someone a coffee, tell your boss something you like about their leadership and help someone with a task. All the "acts" cost less than $2 or are free and are for anyone to participate and to give to anyone on the team. It ...  Read more.  Feb 4, 2020

Maintenance and Engineering recognition idea

Last year I had the idea of "filling the fridge" for our engineering department during their month of recognition. This department always is running around working on any and everything and I notice they tend to rest or even sleep on their lunch breaks instead of eating. I filled the fridge with drinks and their little pantry with single serve quick food like soup, easy mac, cereal, crackers, beef jerky. Needless to say the department was VERY ...  Read more.  Feb 4, 2020

Appreciation every month

Hello! To give employees more recognition and incentive to keep up with doing the things that make you stand out, I think every hotel should do this Monthly. The more you are thanked and recognized makes a difference in your work. We should have an option for someone to write on a piece of paper to comment and recognize a person in particular or write a nice comment for a group of employees who made their experience great! I only say this ...  Read more.  Feb 4, 2020

Fun Mini Trolly

Celebrate with Fun and Fancy by decorate any mini trolly available in your properties such as Room Service Trolly or F&B Trolly which is Mini and easy to access any departments. Get some ideals item place on the trolly and make sure the space is enough. ...  Read more.  Feb 4, 2020