Top GMs from across Hilton discuss how they use recognition to motivate their team, improve performance, and address business objectives. Watch video.

Hilton Ras Al Khaimah interviewed Team Members Who Were Caught

Hilton Ras Al Khaimah interviewed Team Members who were caught and posted the videos on YouTube. Its #appreciation week! We decided to liven up the show just a little more 😊 Amit Kumar, from the Human Resource department, gets up close and personal with the guardian of #Hilton Ras Al Khaimah #Resort & Spa Lokesh Gudlar, our Cluster Security manager. Lokesh was so impressed by the split-second action taken by his colleague, ...  Read more.  Dec 2, 2020

Catch Me at Hilton Baltimore

Hilton Baltimore said they closed out Catch Me with a video to showcase some of the catches from the program and those Team Members with the most catches. ShaLee Adams said, “We also gave the managers the opportunity to say how each of their teams contribute to the success of our hotel and culture.” Watch the video here. ...  Read more.  Jul 22, 2019

Catch Me Honors

Use concept of Hilton Honors enrollment whereby to be a blue member Team member be a member atleast to obtained 1 Catch me at my best recognition card. (Blue 1 to 30 Catches). Update their pictures on the notice bard. Silver Member from 31 to 60 catches will reward with T-Shirt, Gold from 61 to 90 catches - Lunch or dinner for 2pax in the hotel and Diomond from 91 to 100 catch. Those Team member achieved complete 100 catches - will get one night ...  Read more.  Jul 22, 2019

Catching the Embassy Express

Every year we pick a different theme and decorate the main back hall with every associate named on a card. For every catch they receive a sticker gets placed on the card. The associate gets to pick a treat out of the basket for every catch. At the end of each week one random catch is chosen for a bigger prize. This year's theme is Catching the Embassy express. ...  Read more.  Jul 22, 2019

Let’s Make This Our Best Catch Me Yet!

We hope you’re having a great Catch Me at My Best. To date, more than 210,000 different Team Members from 103 countries and territories have been caught over 1.4 million times, setting this up to be our best year yet. Have you entered your catches on the Tally Website? There’s still time. With a little less than two weeks left, we want you to ramp up the recognition and finish strong. If you’re looking for inspiration, try one of the ...  Read more.  Aug 28, 2018