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Housekeeping Week and an AMAZING Team Member Cake at Hilton Beijing Hotel, China.

At Hilton Beijing, we had our new Executive Chef David Ball attend his first Housekeeping Week with Hilton. He was so amazed to see the efforts put in by the Housekeeping team to make sure everybody enjoys the event they have planned for the week that he could not keep himself from doing his part to make sure the Housekeeping team felt important too. He called his team and made one of the finest cakes we have ever made for a celebration. This ...  Read more.  Sep 19, 2013

Rapping About Housekeeping Week Hilton Charlotte Center City, NC! (VIDEO)

Word! Team Members at Hilton Charlotte Center City, NC created this AWESOME Housekeeping Week rap video to show their appreciation for Housekeepers—and don’t forget about ...  Read more.  Sep 16, 2013

Flashmob Preview at Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Residences, UAE! (VIDEO)

Are you ready for another amazing flashmob from Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Residences? You better be. The team celebrated Housekeeping Week by choreographing a flashmob—see a preview ...  Read more.  Sep 16, 2013

2013 Housekeeping Week at Hilton Hurghada Plaza Hotel, Egypt!

It is a great honour to share the celebration planner for International Housekeeping Week  at Hilton Hurghada Plaza Hotel, Egypt. Thanks for our Plaza management team & Plaza team for their efforts and their support to make it true. Hilton Plaza Celebration ...  Read more.  Sep 6, 2013

2013 International Housekeeping Week Plans at Hilton Alexandria Green Plaza, Egypt (See the PowerPoint!)

Greeting from Hilton Alexandria Green Plaza! It's my greatest pleasure to share with you our plans for Housekeeping Week 2013!   2013 Housekeeping Week plans for Hilton Alexandria Green Plaza, ...  Read more.  Aug 29, 2013