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Pocket-Sized Tools for Engineering

We gifted our Engineering team with small tools they can keep! Pocket-sized screwdrivers that can go on their key rings, and a snowflake with 19 tools in one that can be kept in their vehicle or so. The snowflake was the homage to the snow we received during Maintenance and Engineering week in Seattle :) ...  Read more.  Feb 4, 2020

From HSK with Love

All year long this people are making sure that the guests and team members are safe and happy, they always carry a hammer, screwdriver, wrench, tester, etc. and ready all the time, they are our engineering team. This week it’s their time to celebrate and we from the housekeeping team wants to appreciate all the effort they always put in their work. So we decided to create something different, we made a ladder and put it in the basket full ...  Read more.  Dec 13, 2019

CCS Department Recognition

We paired up departments randomly to recognize the contributions and efforts of departments towards the operations of the hotel, directly or indirectly. A calendar is prepared with dates indicated for each department to recognize another department. An amount per Team Member is budgeted for the department to spend on activities, food, etc. Photos of the event are published on our Facebook page. The departments being recognized feel very much ...  Read more.  Oct 7, 2019

Front Desk Week

Since the Front Office Team is always typing we figure a manicure set would be nice. We also bought little things and created a gift bag to give out each day for each team member. They loved it! ...  Read more.  Apr 16, 2019

Front Desk Appreciation Week

Our Blue Energy Committee made handmade cards, with personalized notes for the front desk team! Our chef made homemade cookies for the team as well! ...  Read more.  Apr 16, 2019