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Pocket-Sized Tools for Engineering

We gifted our Engineering team with small tools they can keep! Pocket-sized screwdrivers that can go on their key rings, and a snowflake with 19 tools in one that can be kept in their vehicle or so. The snowflake was the homage to the snow we received during Maintenance and Engineering week in Seattle :) ...  Read more.  Feb 4, 2020

Appreciating our Engineers!

On the 25th of January, we celebrated our amazing engineers with an appreciation day! This included candy, personalized plaques based on what each engineer does best, and cake! Thanks for everything you do for us, we couldn't keep the place running without you! [gallery link="none" size="large" ...  Read more.  Dec 6, 2018

Maintenance & Engineering Recognition

This year we have chosen to follow the Hilton Recognition calendar to make sure every department gets recognized and rewarded for the work that they do. January is Maintenance Month so we recognized our very diligent team of Engineers and Groundskeepers. We printed a poster on foam board about them being heroes and had Team Members from around the hotel sign it and we invited them to a special lunch. We got them gifts (a tool bag filled with ...  Read more.  Dec 6, 2018

January Was Maintenance Recognition Month at Hilton Northampton

JANUARY IS MAINTENANCE RECOGNITION MONTH! Where would our Hotels be without a such a great team? They do so much work behind the scenes. They are very pleased with their personalised tools and we are all very pleased with the hard work they do. Thank You Maintenance!! ...  Read more.  Dec 6, 2018

Engineering / Renovation

I think we need to recognize our engineering team for the wonderful job they have been doing for our renovation efforts. They have worked extremely hard side-by-side with our builders during this renovation. I feel it necessary for them to be commended and awarded for their hard work. This might be in the form of a catered lunch and award ...  Read more.  Feb 14, 2017