Top GMs from across Hilton discuss how they use recognition to motivate their team, improve performance, and address business objectives. Watch video.


Strong, Stronger, and Strongest! Using Recognition to Strengthen Your Relationships.

Recognizing guests is great, but personalizing that recognition is even better. Say a baseball team is staying at your hotel. How do you welcome them back from a game? Good: Greet them with a tray of cupcakes. Better: Decorate the cupcakes like baseballs. Best: Decorate the tray with the team’s logo or mascot. When you make your best effort to recognize and appreciate your guests, it builds strong, solid connections and ...  Read more.  Aug 23, 2012

Tips to Take Guest Service From Good to GREAT!

We’re coming up on Customer Service Week (Oct. 1-5). Get ready to recognize your Team Members and all the hard work that goes into making guests happy, comfortable, and excited to return. Customer Service Week is the perfect time to thank Team Members. Try holding a group lunch, passing out low-cost thank you treats such as candy or certificates, or recognizing Team Members in front of their peers. You may also walk the hotel and talk with ...  Read more.  Aug 13, 2012

Air India and Their Customers Recognize our Team

One of the most promising businesses was the crew business, and we have a contract with Air India, our national carrier. To sustain this huge piece of business, the operations team worked tirelessly to ensure that the Air India crew was well taken care of. Our Team Members not only understand Hilton values, but live them every single day. The Blue Energy Committee is inundated with positive feedback and letters from Air India. Here is a ...  Read more.  Feb 8, 2012

Eliza’s Thank You!

A young guest sends a special thank you for her new book, Lewis the Duck Goes to ...  Read more.  Jul 22, 2011

A Birthday to Remember!

Below is a letter from a guest to our GM about Rhoda Khalif-Randle, Guest Service Agent. We get letters praising Rhoda every few days. She is that “One in Million Associate” - and is also a Spirit of Blue Energy winner. Scott, I wanted to send along a note to recognize one of your outstanding employees - Rhoda, front desk attendant. She made my daughter's 9th birthday so memorable by having chocolate strawberries sent up to the ...  Read more.  Jul 19, 2011