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CCS Department Recognition

We paired up departments randomly to recognize the contributions and efforts of departments towards the operations of the hotel, directly or indirectly. A calendar is prepared with dates indicated for each department to recognize another department. An amount per Team Member is budgeted for the department to spend on activities, food, etc. Photos of the event are published on our Facebook page. The departments being recognized feel very much ...  Read more.  Oct 7, 2019

Personalizing Initial Orientation Refreshments

As a part of their new-hire paperwork, we ask new Team Members to fill out a quick survey of things that they like. That way, during their initial orientation session, we have snacks/beverages that they will actually enjoy available to them. It's a simple way to show that we care about them as ...  Read more.  Dec 7, 2018

National Lollipop Day Celebration

We celebrated National Lollipop Day on July 20th with a goody card filled with sweet treats for all associates and ...  Read more.  Sep 21, 2017

The Need for Team Member Recognition, and How to Do It Right.

We all crave it: Everybody wants to be recognized. Do you remember jumping off the diving board as a child and shouting for your mother or father to watch? Or that feeling you had when they posted a drawing you created at school on the refrigerator door? Recognition is a fundamental human need. In 1943, noted psychologist and educator Abraham Harold Maslow created what is known as “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.” In his now-iconic ...  Read more.  Nov 1, 2016

Instant Recognition

Starting in March of this Year we at Hilton Nagoya has introduced the Best Practice of "Instant Recognition" for our Head of Departments to use freely. The HOD's have been equipped with different kinds of vouchers, such as a prepaid Starbucks card, Book store club card, etc., to use as a means to show appreciation to Team Members, whoever and whenever they feel that someone went that extra mile! This practice has been a tremendous success, not ...  Read more.  May 5, 2016