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Cabana Save the Children Campaign

In honor of International Children’s Day (June 1), The Hilton Cabana Joined a Corporate initiative 7-day fundraiser in support of Save the Children and their ‘Every Last Child’ campaign. Our fund raising efforts included several different initiatives and options for soliciting and securing guest donations. • Complimentary night raffle • Ice Cream Sale • Cookie Sale • Jeans to work day (for hotel management only). Our property goal ...  Read more.  Jun 8, 2017

No Bin Action

In order to promote our saving food virtue and protection of the environment, our hotel is carrying out the No Bin Action activity, "I Promise, I do." Each TM participating in the "No Bin Plate" left their name on the wall next to the phrase, "I don't bin, I honor." Each TM got a little gift of encouragement. [gallery ...  Read more.  Aug 11, 2015

Caring for the Environment

We are committed to create an impact in the environment while taking care of service by recycling our wine bottles. Once the wine bottle is empty, they are subject to a cleaning process and reused to serve mineral water to all our Guests at the restaurant. We also cut them and use them as water glasses. Go ...  Read more.  Jul 15, 2015

Diverting Steam to Save 47,674 AED Yearly at Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Resort & Spa.

A fabulous and an innovative idea that was introduced by our engineering team at Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Resort and Spa has managed in increase the boiler temperature to over 90 degrees, and save the hotel 47K yearly as well reduce the carbon footprint. As we know, laundry machines produces a lot of steam due to the hot water cleaning and the steam pressing machines. This steam is released into the atmosphere through an outlet on the wall. Guests ...  Read more.  Mar 18, 2015

Going Green For Christmas at Hilton Garden Inn Gurgaon Baani Square.

Keeping in mind our 2014 Quarter 4 focus of “Living Sustainably-Repurpose,” during Christmas, the Engineering team and Housekeeping team used the old water bottles and cans from guest rooms to make a Christmas tree that was approximately 16 feet high. We wanted to create awareness among Team Members, guests, and the community about reducing, reusing, and recycling. Our Team Members not only reused waste, but also saved money. The combined ...  Read more.  Jan 15, 2015