Top GMs from across Hilton discuss how they use recognition to motivate their team, improve performance, and address business objectives. Watch video.

Mother’s Day for our Employees

To celebrate Mother's Day for our employees, we surprised them with Bundt Cakes and ...  Read more.  Dec 10, 2018

Veterans Day

This year we celebrated our Veterans of the Beverly Hilton with a small token of appreciation of their service to our country. Each of our veterans were presented with a few small treats and thank you card signed by our Executive Committee. We also displayed a Wall of our Veterans' pictures with respective brand of military in our Heart of House. Thank you Veterans for your service! ...  Read more.  Nov 11, 2017

Lantern Riddles Activity

Lantern's Day is Chinese traditional Festival, we organized the Lantern Riddles activity during the lunch time in culture corridor. We used many lanterns as the decorations. All the riddles are the hotel product knowledge. Each Team Member pick off the questions and work out the answers correctly, he/she could get a small gift. All participants really enjoyed the happy time! ...  Read more.  Feb 29, 2016

Using the Recognition Calendar

I had a wonderful idea with the calendar. I have taken each Team Member and put in there hire and birthday!!!! I included different nationalities and and religions. I've sent this to all department heads as a reminded of what's going on in there departments with there Team Members. The calendar has reminders such as hot dog day, ice cream day and sales and marketing week. I'm so looking forward to having fun with theses little treats to in ...  Read more.  Sep 30, 2015

See How We Celebrated Chocolate Chip Cookie Day at Hilton Cabana Miami Beach.

See how we celebrated Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! Check out all of our pictures here! The Week In Pictures at ...  Read more.  May 28, 2015