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Recognition SALT

Every month we send an email to all the members of our team and share with them the main comments about SALT. In addition, we always give a Gift Card to members who have more than one mention from our guests. Last month David Villatoro, Driver, was the winner! ...  Read more.  Jul 22, 2019

Daily SALT Results Dashboard

This idea to make sure that all our team members aware of our daily results in one dashboard, we called it SALT Dash Board and mentioned in the H360 twice with updates. This dashboard included SALT, Revinate & Occupancy (MTD & YTD) with our targets, so any of our team members can have a look in each morning and get all the necessary information about our results. the dashboard included colored arrows to show if below of above each ...  Read more.  Mar 30, 2016


As of September 1st we have started a new incentive program for our Front Office team and our Housekeeping team. Both teams are truly amazing and get many great comments from guests on a regular basis. The winners from each department will get a special prize at the end of each month. At HGI Portland Airport every employee is a Star with a big Heart, and I am proud to be part of this amazing team! [gallery ...  Read more.  Sep 2, 2015

Challenged to Engage!

Each day our associates are issued a challenge on our DT Community Website. They are given a series of questions where they must search all known available Brand sites to locate the answers. The first person to post the correct answers to the questions can win an array of prizes, including monetary gift cards. This has increased our property engagement in our community site, as well as our associates' and managers' awareness of our brand. It has ...  Read more.  Jul 15, 2015

Camel Race SALT Notice Board at Hilton Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.

To display our Arabic culture and inform our Team Members on our SALT scores, we have created a Camel race notice board. It is a creative and innovative way to share our scores with our team members. Our Engineering team at the Hilton Ras Al Khaimah created the board by following the design of Nidhi from Learning & Development. We have received great responses and positive feedback from our Team Members who enjoyed the colorful ...  Read more.  Jul 12, 2013