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Celebrate Customer Service Week by Turning the Tables with these 10 Tips.

Officially, Customer Service Week is October 7-11. But we know when it really is: this week, next week, and every week after that.

During Customer Service Week, consider the things we do to make guests feel special, such as remembering their preferences and adding special touches to their rooms. Shouldn’t we do the same for our Team Members? When we make our Team Members feel like VIPs, they’ll pay that good feeling forward to our guests.

Here are a few thought starters on how to take our awesome customer service and make it work for Team Members.

  • Make sure to greet every Team Member you see by name.

  • Get to know your team through one-on-one chats. Learning their favorite food, color, or animal will help you recognize them in the future.

  • Write a heartfelt note to each Team Member or department, thanking them for their service.

  • Organize a special breakfast or lunch for your team. Take it to the next level by having managers or supervisors act as waitstaff.

  • Ask Team Members for their feedback. Since they’re on the front lines, they often have insightful suggestions or opinions!

  • Create a low-cost gift basket for your team (like you would for guests) and leave them in the break room. Try small baskets filled with candy or flowers. Or make s’mores care packages by filling a plastic baggie with a graham cracker, chocolate bar, and a marshmallow. Find more gift basket ideas on the Hilton Worldwide Recognition Pinterest board.

  • Invite them to return! At your next team meeting, give specific examples of why you enjoy coming in to work with your team every day.

  • Follow up. When Team Members come to you with questions or concerns, be sure to follow up with them later to make sure things worked out. It shows you pay attention to your team, and also that their concerns stay with you.

  • Block out a few minutes for a “Team Member Reception” in the break room. Offer refreshments, such as lemonade and cookies, and let Team Members relax and mingle.

  • Make Team Member areas a priority. We wouldn’t put a guest in an unsatisfactory room, so make sure your team has a nice area to relax. This could be as easy as adding a few chairs to the break room, installing new lights, or gathering the team to give it a deep cleaning.

Posted on Sep 17, 2013

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas, Thought Leadership

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