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Celebrate Food & Beverage with Food Olympic Events!

Welcome to the annual Food Olympics! Play these games with you Food & Beverage Team Members. Don’t forget to hand out awards at your closing ceremonies!

Go Fish! Have Team Members throw Goldfish crackers from across the room to their partners, who must catch as many as they can in a cup.

Stack ‘Em. Using paper or plastic cups or bowls (or both!), see which team can build the tallest tower.

Grapefruit Bowling. Use a grapefruit as a bowling ball and plastic bottles as pins.

Blindfolded Taste Test. Blindfold Team Members. One by one, give them a taste or a sniff of something, such as different salad dressings or other ingredients from your kitchen. See who can identify the most flavors.

Banquet Relay. Divide Team Members into small groups. One Team Member rolls out a table and tags the next teammate. That teammate applies the tablecloth and tags another to set out plates. Keep going until you have a full banquet set to brand standards. Best time wins!

Menu Knowledge. Test your team’s menu knowledge by giving clues about each item (“This is our best seller” or “This has the longest prep time.”) The first teammate to shout out the correct answer gets a point.

Soup, Spoon, Napkin. Make a Team Member bracket for your Soup, Spoon, Napkin Tournament. Similar to Rock, Paper, Scissors, Napkin covers Spoon, Spoon eats Soup, Soup stains Napkin. Come up with your own hand gestures!

Sort-A-Thon. Give each team a jar full of M&M’s, Skittles, and Reese’s Pieces mixed together. Time teams to see who can sort the candy into three piles the fastest. The winning team gets to keep their candy. Customize with similar-looking candy in your country.

Marshmallow Shooters. Create marshmallow shooters. Then, see which Team Member has the best aim by challenging them to shoot marshmallows at a target or through hoops.

F&B Anthem. Using pots, spoons, and other kitchen items as instruments, see which team can create the catchiest anthem or theme song for Food & Beverage. Play the winning tune at your closing ceremonies!

Egg Drop. Using materials found around the hotel, challenge Team Members to design a container that will protect the egg when dropped from a height. Keep dropping the eggs from higher and higher up, and see whose egg survives!

Donut Dash. Transport donut holes across the room, using only your mouth.

Posted on Nov 1, 2013

Topic(s): Department-Specific Recognition, Food and Beverage Heroes, Recent Recognition Ideas

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