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Celebrate Your Housekeepers Every Day!

Are you ready? International Housekeeping Week is only a few short weeks away. It’s our special time in September to celebrate our back of house superstars.

They keep our hotels clean and inviting, so we should do all we can to keep them smiling. But don’t limit your celebration to just International Housekeeping week! Make time every day to let your Housekeepers know they’re valued. It might be 15-minute towel-folding contest to get everyone charged up, or an impromptu ice cream float party to boost energy. Add some shout-outs to your morning meeting to recognize your Housekeeping champions.

Let all your other Team Members get in on the fun. Challenge the Front Desk to a trivia bowl with Housekeepers or organize a quick relay race between Housekeepers and the Food and Beverage team. When Team Members have fun and compete in friendly tasks, motivation skyrockets. A few events a week is enough to keep everyone feeling valued and excited.

Get International Housekeeping Week started today. Go to our brand now Housekeeping Week website to download a variety of customizable materials, such as certificates, thank you cards, and water bottle labels. But sure to induct your team into the Wall of Fame by submitting a team picture. When you do, you’re automatically entered to win a team party valued at 250 dollars (US)!

Have you recognized a Housekeeper today? Do it now! We’ll be here when you get back.

Posted on Aug 6, 2012

Topic(s): International Housekeeping Week, Recent Recognition Ideas

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