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Celebrating Our First Anniversary by Sharing!

“It’s not how much we do…but how much love we put into doing it!”

Our First anniversary we did something that makes a difference…! Celebrated by Sharing…

Varsha (5yrs), Erum (8 yrs), Jyoti (7 yrs) and Ushma (14 yrs) are among the other children who stay in Anchal, a shelter home of Jamghat (an NGO) very close to our Hotel. They have been adopted very recently by Jamghat an NGO and will be looking afresh at life. We went to meet them on our first anniversary and they are adorable. The little one Varsha is so naughty wouldn’t let us come back till we had sketched all her favorite fruits and animals!

They needed support! Support can be in many forms but the one unique way of helping them was that we volunteered our time and talent with them. We decided to share and serve and eventually we SHARED A SERVICE. A day which did not belong to any one of us, it was not owned or led by any leader it was the call of our own innate desire to inspire and we feel blessed to be a part of that day. Our First Anniversary gave us a reference that at a given opportunity every team member can render his/her best support for a social cause.

We carried gifts, balloons, snacks and lot of love for these little friends. Creating a child like environment in their home – by painting on thermacol, chart papers, card boards, cutting alphabets and fruit shapes, taking their pictures and making posters, gardening and planting a few plants in their balcony was something that kept us so involved with them that time just flew.

In the end…it is all about caring…and what better return gift on our first anniversary than to see bright warm smiles on their innocent faces :).

Posted on Jan 18, 2011

Topic(s): Corporate Responsibility / Sustainability, Recent Recognition Ideas

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