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Celebrating Our Hilton HHonors Guests with a Kiss.

Glenda Miller,
Hampton Inn Johnstown, PA

During International Customer Service week, our team recognized all Hilton Honor guests that have stayed with us before with “kisses”.

We used our CRM tools to determine how many nights each guest had stayed with us, since joining Hilton Honors. As a team, we meticulously counted out and recounted one Hershey Kiss for each night and had them waiting in the guest room for arrival, mostly. We used little favor boxes for anyone less than 50 nights and finally found a use for all the Hilton Honor newspaper bags for our best guests; we filled with the bags with kisses and tied pretty with a note. The entire team was involved and some early check ins even received personal delivery from the housekeeping staff. Everyone was in a great mood and one guest even said,” That is why we stay here, you really do care.” Some guest had an Honors bag with up to 300 kisses. We are still talking about the different guest reactions. The team effort gave those staff members the opportunity to connect and thank our guests.

Here’s an example of the note we attached to the kiss basket or bag.

Dear Mr. Hampton,
Thank you for your loyalty; you have stayed with us 150 nights. Here is a kiss for every night from the Johnstown Hampton team. We really do love having you here.

Posted on Oct 28, 2009

Topic(s): Mastering CRM - Guest Recognition, Recent Recognition Ideas

Sergio Moyer says

I think this is a fantastic, inexpensive idea that any property could utilize for say their Top 100 or maybe Top 50 guests.

Commented on October 29, 2009

Monica Magee says

Great idea, will be using it right away! thanks.

Commented on October 29, 2009

Manuel Cordova says

if you go to the hersheys store online you can buy the box of 25lbs for about $100.00.

Commented on August 12, 2011

Melody F. says

This was a great idea that our hotel used last week for Valentines Day! It was a major hit! Thank you!

Commented on February 22, 2012

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