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Celebrating Safety and Security Superheroes at Hilton Salt Lake City Center

We decided to get a little more personal with our Security team here at the Hilton Salt Lake City Center. We went and purchased superhero buckets and filled them with some goodies that we thought the team would enjoy. We also decorated their offices with some fun clip art and a big lock, just as an extra way to recognize the department and allow others in the hotel to recognize them as well. The Security team loved the buckets as well as the personal cards and gift cards we attached. Thanks again to our awesome Safety and Security team here at our hotel!

Posted on Jun 16, 2015

Topic(s): Hotel Safety and Security, Recent Recognition Ideas

Yolanda Pieterse (Conrad Pezula) says

The bucket idea is amazing in recognizing those safety heroes with all the treats! Well done!

Commented on June 17, 2015

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