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CEO Winner Hernan Garita Does It All

Hernan Garita
DoubleTree Cariari by Hilton Hotel San Jose, Costa Rica

Hernan has worked for the hotel for 22 years. His charisma and effort are a great example of Hilton Worldwide values. Besides his normal responsibilities, Hernan is a member of our CARE Committee. Each
month, he creates reports from CARE Line to help improve the service from our hotel.

Hospitality: Yesterday, Hernan received a customer and after little conversation realized it was the guest’s daughter’s birthday. As the guest and his daughter left the hotel, Hernan began coordinating a birthday surprise for the daughter. He arranged for the chef to make a special birthday cake and decorated their room with balloons and birthday cards.

Integrity: Last year, Hernan found $600 in the street across our lobby. He
immediately turned it over to the security desk and alerted hotel management.

Leadership: Each week, Hernaan is responsible for leading his team in weekly huddles for all bellmen, CARE line, and the Business Center team.

Teamwork: When the F&B department was not available to attend to a guest’s special request, Hernan stepped in without being asked to coordinate the special request with Housekeeping and the kitchen.

Ownership: When a young guest called the hotel saying he unfortunately did not have cash on him to pay for the cab from the airport, Hernan immediately stepped in to pick the client up with his personal vehicle since the shuttle was already working with other guests. The guest’s father called thanking the hotel for the help with his son.

Now: When a soccer team was staying at our hotel, they were about to get on the bus when the coach realized they did not have any spoons for their pre-game snack. Hernan immediately went to the supermarket and delivered the spoons before the team left.

Posted on Nov 8, 2011

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