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Chef of Love.

Chef Maher captured two lovers’ heart when he managed successfully to return a couple back on track after a short while of quarrel over a meal. It happened as Chef Maher was touring his hotel’s different outlets in order to make sure that every guest is fully satisfied with the food and service. As such, he noticed a couple arguing over a meal as each one of them preferred a different place to eat at. Chef Maher immediately realized that as a Hilton hero, he should intervene in order to restore and contain the situation. As a professional master of hospitality he introduces himself to the couple and offered his assistance in order to resolve the situation. He came out with a brilliant Idea that made both parties happy.

As a result they all reached to a win-win deal in which both couple were satisfied and outstandingly happy. The newly married couple felt relived by Chef Maher’s effort and thanked him immensely for such great job which made two love birds happy.

Another example which was done by Chef Maher that took place when he was touring the hotel, and noticed that one of the guests was not feeling well. Immediately, he grabbed a chair from the nearest outlet and offered the guest to sit.

Chjef Maher had a short conversation with the guest who came out to be exhausted after having had along day. Chef Maher offered to call a doctor for the guest, but the guest saw no need for a doctor at that time.

As it was dinner time for the guest, Chef Maher refused to leave him behind; He accompanied him to the restaurant and had him seated around one of the tables, and asked him if he wanted any special food as he did not feel well. The guest was overwhelmingly surprised, and thanked Chef Maher immensely for his hospitality and caring.

Posted on May 22, 2011

Topic(s): Hilton Worldwide Values, Recent Recognition Ideas

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