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Collection Drive and Sale for Charity.

On the verge of reaching out and helping our communities, inspired by the most admired Hilton Blue Energy and CS endeavor, we engaged our humanitarian muscle in a fundraising initiative last June 12-22, 2012.

This was an imaginative and humanitarian intent of commitment in line to the Philippine Independence event happened last 12th of June. Addressed by ambitious Filipino employees of Hilton Dubai Jumeirah, a charity bazaar had been organized to support one charity institution.

The insurmountable kind of support we received fosters our energy that promotes charitable goodwill in the team. Certainly,the donations and dedication has made a real difference to those most in need. In addition,when our volunteers recognized how they can benefited from their experience, a sense of shared power and purpose is created between host communities and volunteers. Any single item of a positive value just have given, has paved the future and life of our charity.

• To be able to foster aid and invaluable support to charity of the company in terms
Of highlighting our corporate social responsibility and Blue energy.
• Engaged our staff members and employees in reaching out humanitarian activities
that will encourage them to help in the community.
• Improved the standard of living for families in impoverished areas through a holistic, community-based approach with a focus on education.
• Developed our very first Filipino National day “celebration with a cause “ that enrichedgroup initiative with a common goal of helping our fellows and community in the Philippines


June 12- 18,2012 Collection of Used Clothes ,Housewares etc.(Donation) from Employees of Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resorts and Residences
June 19,2012 -Sortign and Labelling items for sale
June 20-22 – Flea style Selling of Goods,Food items and Bazaar

Number of Volunteers :17

Raised FUND : 3025.75 AED
Donation Scheme : One time Donation
Program Scheme : This will allow the organization to donate
At least 550 books to school children and allows a day of workshop
at selected school or hospital.


CANVAS will publish a new collection of its award-winning children’s stories and donate at least 3000 books to benefit children in public schools and hospitals throughout the Philippines.
What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

11 million Filipinos are functionally illiterate (they cannot read with comprehension) while 4 million have no basic literacy skills. And while most Filipino children do enroll in Grade 1, an estimated 55% of them will drop out without finishing high school. Increased access to, and encouraging a love for books in public schools is needed to promote functional literacy, creative thinking and independent reading skills that are needed for future success.

How will this project solve this problem?
By donating full-color books of award-winning stories to public schools and hospitals, we will promote independent reading and creative thinking in Filipino children while also exposing them to the best of contemporary Filipino art and literature.

Potential Long Term Impact
The project will help empower children to think creatively, learn on their own and strengthen their love of books. These are skills that will stay and help all – even those who drop out of school – to achieve success all through their lives.

Video presentation.

Posted on Aug 6, 2012

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