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Hilton Garden Inn Richmond Downtown, VA, Sets the Standard in Composting!

Hilton Garden Inn Richmond Downtown, VA

Some 2,000 pounds of food waste each month will no longer be sent to local landfills, thanks to a New Year’s resolution to “Go Greener.”

As a participant in the Virginia Green program, a program designed to encourage green practices in tourism, we wanted to expand our efforts.

Our hotel established a composting program in 2011 that included to an audit of the hotel’s waste generation and recycling efforts. The audit determined that the hotel was recycling only about 12% of its waste materials.

The composting program will save raw food waste from going to dumpster and landfill at a potential rate of one ton per month. Once all of the new recycling and compost efforts are in place, we expect to divert more than 60% of all wastes from operations.

The waste audit was an invaluable step for us. We are incredibly proud to be the first hotel in the region to begin composting our food wastes.

Read more details about our efforts!

Posted on Apr 17, 2011

Topic(s): Corporate Responsibility / Sustainability, Recent Recognition Ideas

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Great job! The details are a must-read.

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