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Congrats to Our SUNsational Award Winner and Nominees.

Darrelle A. Johnson,
Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina, FL

I am ecstatic to announce that we had a winner at this year’s 2009 SUNsational Awards. This is the largest service award ceremony in Broward County and out of 157 nominees of various hospitality/tourism companies such as Yellow Cab, Tri Rail and of course the hotel industry our own Sharon Wildman was 1 of 12 winners. All nominees had exceptional stories which illustrate the TRUE foundation of our industry.

Of course, we cannot forget our two additional nominees; Molly Ericksen our Journey Ambassador and Evena Mesadieu one of best Room Attendants who were also a part of and continue to create out of this world experiences for our guests. Please take a look at their SUNsational Service stories below.

All nominees won various prizes from the Convention and Visitors Bureau most notably for the winners; a star on Fort Lauderdale’s River walk, tickets to this year’s pro bowl and a 2 day/3 night stay at a South Florida hotel/resort to name a few.

Congratulations to Sharon and all our nominees who create out of this world experiences throughout our guests’ personal journeys.

Read their Service Stories below.

• Sharon

“Make up? Check! Nails and Hair? Check! Heels? Check! Dress? Check!”

“The bride and her bride’s maids run through the final check on the sunny afternoon of Isis’ (the bride) wedding. With butterflies running through her body on her BIG day she slips into her bone white strapless gown with her Cinderella-like glass slipper and surprisingly off the zipper goes into thin air. There is only one (1) hour before the wedding and her bride’s maids are frantically searching for a solution. The wedding planner rushes to Isis’ side but finds she is of no help either. So she calls Housekeeping. There is no answer. She calls again and FINALLY connects with Sharon the Manager who has come to save the day. Sharon is no seamstress and with 45 minutes remaining before the most important day of Isis’ life she drove her car to the only seamstress open in town only to discover they could not help her. With 30 minutes on the dial and no wedding dress Sharon took matters in to her hands; she took the seamstress’ tools and her own personal items to transform the gown to its original design with the guest in it. Sharon used those tools to sew the bride in to her gown and stayed by her side until she was ready to walk down the isle. “

“The clock struck 5:00pm as the bride walked down the isle with her father by her side. Sharon waited until the fairy tale wedding ended to get Isis out of her gown by un sewing the gown. One can only imagine what could have transpired had Sharon not taken matters in to her own hands to save the day.”

“This is one of the many tales of the Fort Lauderdale Marina memory makers…Ms. Sharon Wildman”

• Molly

“Crowned the Maitre’D of ‘welcomeness’ by our recent guest Mr. Kramer, the “hop and roaming” Molly continues to spread Conrad Hilton’s vision to “fill the world with the light and warmth of hospitality”.”

“She has a wonderful gift for remembering names and is one of the few in the hospitality industry who thinks like a World Class Concierge. No matter how special the guest request Molly has mastered the power of YES in all her guest interactions which helps to shape our guests’ personal journey.”

“She is the epitome of Conrad Hilton’s dream.”

We attached email correspondence and a Trip Advisor review from Mr. Kramer and email correspondence from Mr. Rohrdanz.

• Evena

“Birthday planning for hotel guests can be robotic and disingenuous. The guest checks in and typically he/she tells the desk agent they are here for a wedding anniversary or birthday and the Front Desk sends tuxedo strawberries, champagne and the works.”

“What has happened to personalized service and understated elegance in our industry? At our resort we view WOW experiences in a different light…”

“While servicing Suite 1401 Evena overheard a guest phone conversation about her birthday plans for the weekend. There was no one-on-one interaction with the guest it was a mere “Good Morning” and the guest went on her way to the patio to take her phone call. Evena spread the news to her supervisor and the other housekeepers in her section and within moments the guest had a hand delivered, personalized birthday cake topped with the French Creole tune of our Housekeeping choir led by Evena.”

“This is one of the many tales of the Fort Lauderdale Marina memory makers…Ms. Evena Mesadieu.”

Posted on Dec 3, 2009

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Carlos M. Molinet says


This is awesome, thanks for continuing to share the light of warmth of hospitality throughout our hotel.

Evena and Molly: Congratulations on your nomination, this is an outstanding recognition and you should be very proud of yourselves. Please keep doing the great things that allowed this to be possible!!!

Sharon: You did it !!! Congratulations on being one of the 12…your commitment to our guests has always been outstanding, and it was truly one of my finest moments this year to join you on stage for a picture with Nicki Grossman, keep up the great work !!!!

Let’s keep up the great work, and it is a great day at the Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Marina.

Carlos M. Molinet, CHA
General Manager
Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina

Commented on December 3, 2009

Keith Clampet says

Evena, Sharon and Molly,

Congratulations on this much deserved recognition for all of your hard work and extra efforts on behalf of our guests. Your talent and dedication is truly an inspiration to all of us, thank you for setting an example we can all follow when it comes to taking care of our guests.

Keep up the great work and congratulations again.

Keith Clampet,
SVP Hotel Operations

Commented on December 7, 2009

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