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Congratulations to Darren Gray: A 2011 CEO Light & Warmth Award Winner!

Congratulations, Darren Gray, for being selected as a 2011 CEO Light & Warmth Award Winner!

Darren Gray
Guest Operations Manager
Hilton Grand Vacations Suites on International Drive, FL

Why is this Team Member deserving of the CEO Light and Warmth Award?
Darren received six separate nominations from six extremely passionate Team Members. This alone says a lot for his character. He was voted among the top of nearly every committee member who read his nominations. He’s described as a “visionary” with extreme creativity whose motivation stems from his heart. Nominators use such adjectives as “industrious,” “dedicated,” “honest,” “respectable,” “awesome,” and “magnificent,” stating that “Conrad’s dream lives through Darren.” Six people list numerous reasons why Darren is the “walking, breathing, living demonstration of the Hilton Worldwide values.”

Specific examples that show Darren’s commitment to the Hilton Worldwide values:
Darren organizes Team Member events like scavenger hunts, festivals, movie nights, Minute to Win It, etc. He’s known for taking recognition to the next level, always praising the efforts of his team. One nominator writes that when her child fell extremely ill and was hospitalized, Darren sent a huge basket of toys for him to the hotel so he could forget, even for a moment, all of the painful testing and poking by the doctors. He calls Team Members on their birthdays even if it’s his day off. In interviewing a potential candidate who was worried she might not have enough experience, he took a chance, saying, “We can teach you how to do this job, but we can’t teach you how to be as energetic, friendly, and upbeat as you already are.” His door is always open and is known for being approachable, hardworking (setting a standard), and caring. This influences everyone around him. He asks what the goals of his team are and helps them achieve those goals, striving every day to help each person, helping them focus on advancement within the company. He assures that the Team Members on each shift feel important and cared for, especially the often-overlooked overnight team. There are guests who return every year because of Darren and he makes it a special point to remember the tiniest details, teaching them to his team as well. One nominator says, “I’ve seen Darren with a tear in his eye when he conveys how much he believes in each one of us to reach our goals. I have never seen someone so zealous to see people succeed.” In the last year alone, the hotel has had more than 9 internal promotions. Of the six separate nominations received, many of them include input from even more members of the team—I have to believe a quote from nearly every member of his hotel is included, all noting in different ways how he epitomizes the Hilton Worldwide values.

Posted on Jan 1, 2012

Topic(s): Hilton Worldwide Values, Recent Recognition Ideas

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