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Congratulations to Jerome Mbuyeni: A 2011 CEO Light & Warmth Award Winner!

Congratulations, Jerome Mbuyeni, for being selected as a 2011 CEO Light & Warmth Award Winner!

Jerome Mbuyeni
Hilton Durban hotel, South Africa

Why is this Team Member deserving of the CEO Light and Warmth Award?
Jerome is the epitome of selflessness. It would be enough if he made sacrifices when asked, but Jerome volunteers to take the hit so the hotel and guests can benefit from his actions. When he proactively makes these sacrifices, he never mentions it, but just proceeds with a smile on his face, never asking to be rewarded or recognized. He embodies each of the Hilton Worldwide values because that’s more important to him than the paycheck he needs to make a living.

Specific examples that show Jerome’s commitment to the Hilton Worldwide values:
Jerome works at the a la carte hotel restaurant Rainbow Terrace and tips make up a significant part of his income. The hotel is situated right next to the convention center in Durban. When big international conferences happen there, the hotel is completely full and F&B Team Members accrue the large majority of the tips they get during the year. During the two biggest conferences of the year, the hotel had to move Jerome over to the busier lounge coffee shop as a host for the entire duration of the conferences. The hotel moved him because he would serve as the most fitting and professional ambassador for the hotel. Not once did Jerome ever mention how the lack of tips had impacted him. He found the bright side, saying that he is willing to assume that role again during the next major conference because he feels he made an impact and could stand to grow professionally from the experience. Soon after, the International Conference for the Deaf was held at the conference center. Jerome has a friend who is deaf and although he is not proficient in sign language, he knows basics. Once again, Jerome offered to move to a different station within the hotel where he was needed more than his regular job. He acted as restaurant manager to save the hotel from various issues that might occur with hearing-impaired guests. His fellow Team Members were able to call on him at any hour of the day to assist with issues that were arising. Once again, he never complained or sought financial reimbursements, he just smiled and exceeded expectations, meeting needs that were far outside his job description. He lives and breathes hospitality and shows integrity and poise by never discussing monetary issues, but focusing on the job at hand. Jerome lost more than five weeks of tips in total because of his sacrifices, but he never complained to a fellow Team Member and never frowned. Jerome is selfless, always putting the needs of the hotel, its guests, and his fellow Team Members far above his own, which has resulted in large, personal sacrifices for Jerome. Above all, he has sacrificed short-term monetary losses for long-term professional/personal growth. He has given himself fully to the hotel as a service ambassador and has delivered far more than could have possibly been expected.

Posted on Jan 1, 2012

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