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Congratulations to Jo Licata: A 2011 CEO Light & Warmth Award Winner!

Congratulations, Jo Licata, for being selected as a 2011 CEO Light & Warmth Award Winner!

Jo Licata
Community Projects Manager
Hilton San Francisco Union Square, CA

Why is this Team Member deserving of the CEO Light and Warmth Award?
Jo received three separate nominations for this award. She is known as the “conscience of San Francisco” among those who know her. She is equally as dedicated to her hotel and fellow Team Members as she is to her community. She has worked at the hotel for 22 years and has been in her current position for 16. She has been an environmental champion since the 1990’s, long before the company hired a VP of Sustainability or Al Gore won an Oscar. It’s been her life’s passion, and she’s used the hotel as an avenue to attain success and affect change in the industry. Her coworkers each comment that she is the best embodiment of the Values they’ve ever seen and epitomizes the “light and warmth of hospitality,” going beyond just caring for the environment, but taking the same care to resolve guest complaints and gain hotel loyalty.

Specific examples that show Jo’s commitment to the Hilton Worldwide values:
There is hardly room to write all of Jo’s accomplishments. She’s spearheaded numerous efforts, including becoming the first hotel (and Hilton) to compost and separate items for recycling, and reduce landfill waste. Each week, thousands of pounds of food waste is diverted from landfills into compost heaps. Paper, aluminum, and glass are recycled and have been since the 1990’s. Jo has also spoken to neighboring hotels on how they can contribute to helping the environment by copying her practices. She’s ahead of the curve on reducing greenhouse emissions. Because of her, the hotel has won several awards and honors, including being one of 2 hotels in San Francisco rated “Green” by Greentopia (the other hotel has 75 rooms, Jo’s hotel has1904), and awards from the Utilities Association for reduction of energy. Jo has shown leadership in the community and the hotel industry by developing the Hotel Hero’s Awards for the City of San Francisco. Each year, the hotel industry recognizes leaders from line staff to top management for various awards and each year, Jo has scripted and produced the show. She has worked with various institutions, including the San Francisco Giants, promoting the industry. Jo also contributes to the Hotel Public/Private Partnership, a program that is currently being developed corporately. The partnership consists of hotels from their region and various community services agencies that help the elderly, homeless, and disabled, and it’s all led by Jo. It aims to reduce landfill waste by finding “homes” for items no longer in use by the hotel, so when the hotel purchased new banquet chairs last year, Jo’s program networked with more than 10 agencies to use the chairs toward furnishing apartments for homeless women and children, for a school for disabled children, and a community center that provides treatment for addicts. In the nomination from the Director of Human Resources, he writes that Christopher Corpuel has reached out to Jo for her ideas and she has given her time, opened her files, and shared her rolodex to help Hilton Worldwide achieve the accolades and reputation it now has.

Posted on Jan 1, 2012

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Trina Licata says

We are all so proud of her many accomplishments! Thank you

Commented on March 27, 2012

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