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Congratulations to Kathleen Moore: A 2011 CEO Light & Warmth Award Winner!

Congratulations, Kathleen Moore, for being selected as a 2011 CEO Light & Warmth Award Winner!

Kathleen Moore
General Manager
Hilton Garden Inn Tifton, GA

Why is this Team Member deserving of the CEO Light and Warmth Award?
Kathleen is known for treating the hotel—and everything and everyone in it—as her family. She treats it with respect, she nurtures it, and she dedicates herself to it 100%. She shows optimism in the face of tremendous obstacles, being the consummate professional and passing a spirit of passion and dedication on to her team through inspiring leadership.

Specific examples that show Kathleen’s commitment to the Hilton Worldwide values:
Kathleen’s core management team has been with her since the HGI was being built. Kathleen was in the middle of it all—unwrapping, unpacking, and installing. She has taken ownership of the hotel from the very beginning. Despite a troubling economy in Tifton, a small farming community, the HGI has continued to succeed. Top employers moved out of the town and farmers were losing their jobs. The town was seeing a steady 13.5% RevPAR decline, but the HGI saw a 100% RevPAR index achieved in only 4 short months. This hotel continues to be the top performer in the market with RevPAR indexes commonly in the 150’s and 160’s. Kathleen is constantly raising the bar, making integrity a priority for herself and her team. Because of her focus on the Values, Kathleen’s HGI has scored in the top 1.5% of HGI’s for overall experience for the past 12 months, according to the SALT survey, and is number 3 out of 512 for overall combined score. Kathleen has been known to go out of her way for guests, taking home their laundry and doing it at home if they miss the valet pick-up time. She holds unique Team Member meetings, soliciting their feedback and sharing ownership with her team. By helping them take ownership, the hotel is thriving. Kathleen is there even on her days off for Team Members who are involved in new tasks or achievements, cheering them on and lending assistance and guidance. She is a humble and patient teacher, taking chances on her Team Members and believing in them, helping them rise to their potential. She is also involved in the community, sitting on the board of the Tifton Tourism Association; acting as the treasurer for the Tift Area Hospitality Association; acting as the secretary of the Arts Council; and serving as an elder at her church, sitting on the worship committee and overseeing her church’s nursery. She also brings this sense of community into the hotel, participating in nearly 10 named events/donations, including Habitat for Humanity, soup kitchens, and blood drives.

Posted on Jan 1, 2012

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