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Congratulations to Nayer El Nour: A 2011 CEO Light & Warmth Award Winner!

Congratulations, Nayer El Nour, for being selected as a 2011 CEO Light & Warmth Award Winner!

Nayer El Nour
IT Supervisor
Hilton Alexandria Green Plaza, Egypt

Why is this Team Member deserving of the CEO Light and Warmth Award?
Nayer is quick to help however he can. This nomination cites one incident in detail that epitomizes Nayer’s daily commitment to providing exceptional service to guests. The nomination also notes specific quotes from Team Members about the impact Nayer makes on the hotel.

Specific examples that show Nayer’s commitment to the Hilton Worldwide values:
Nayer received a call from the business center asking for help for a bride-to-be at the hotel. She needed to download songs from her email for her wedding that was going to be held that night. Nayer helped by burning the songs onto two different CDs so the DJ had everything he might need in various file formats. Later, the bride’s sister called and asked for urgent assistance. The bride wanted to do a photo slideshow, but had totally forgotten to prepare it ahead of time. Nayer used his private laptop and personal software to make a professional-looking slideshow. He did the job perfectly in just 25 minutes, burned it onto a DVD, and gave it to the bride’s sister. Nayer then had to rush to get ready for a funeral but on the way, he received a panicked call from the hotel saying the bride was looking for him everywhere; she needed his assistance. The picture slideshow didn’t work on the equipment that was available. Nayer turned around, missing the funeral, and worked alongside the wedding DJ to fix the issue. He then stayed in the ballroom for a length of time to assure no other issues occurred to give the bride time to get ready, knowing everything was in Nayer’s hands.

On another occasion, Nayer helped a guest who was having issues with her iPad. Over a month later, the hotel received a call from this guest saying that although she wasn’t staying at the hotel anymore, she was having more issues with her iPad and wanted to speak with Nayer. Nayer took the call, and the guest told him that she’d called her company’s IT department and wasn’t able to get any assistance from them, so she had thought to call Nayer. He was able to solve all of her technical problems, impressing the guest immensely.

Team Members say that Nayer often gives his days off to help them with everything from family troubles to computer issues at home. He’s come up with ideas such as the “daily internet feedback sheet” where he calls every guest that had bought internet at the hotel that day to check on their satisfaction. Since taking this proactive approach, scores have improved significantly.

Posted on Jan 1, 2012

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