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Creating Stronger Awareness of Guest Issues By Having Team Members Experience Them First-Hand.

Hampton Inn & Suites Orem, UT

Here is a fun idea for a front office meeting to help staff recognize and experience the same frustration a guest feels when everything is not perfect. Divide your staff into three teams and assign them rooms just as if they were a guest.

Then have your team follow the rules:

1. You have all booked Non-Smoking Rooms and as a guest, remember you are not aware of what room numbers correspond with what room types. When Ms. Collins called to make her reservation, she requested that she get a room away from the freeway.

2. What one person does the whole team does together. Where one goes all goes. If you need to go to the front desk all goes.

3. Experience the room as if you were a guest. Sit on the bed. Turn on the TV. Relax.

4. If a guest calls down with a complaint according to Hampton standards we have a maximum of 15 minutes to respond.

5. If you find a problem in your room do not fix it; call the front desk and explain what the problem is and they will contact the appropriate department.

6. In your room there are ingredients for an appetizer, entrée or dessert. During your stay you need to make your assigned item. You will have 45 minutes from check-in to have had your guest experience. At the end of the 45 minutes we will meet in the room where the entrée is prepared.

Prior to my team arriving we staged various housekeeping and maintenance issues knowing that a guest would hopefully never have to experience. We wanted them to have an exaggerated experience.

Below are some examples of guest problems:
– Remote Control Didn’t Work
– TV was Unplugged
– No Kitchen Supplies
– No Towels
– Room Very Hot
– Room Very Cold
– Keys to Rooms Didn’t Work for any of the Teams
– Missing Lightbulbs

Each team prepared a dish in their respective rooms. Team One Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Team Two, Spinach Dip, Team Three Banana Splits. We then gathered together in one room discussed their experience and how it applies to guests and enjoyed a light meal together. Total Cost $23.92

Posted on Jan 17, 2010

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