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Cyndie Has Found 340 Ways to Show Her Hospitality!

Recognizing Cyndie Finn, Spirit of Hampton Winner, December 2010,
Hampton Inn & Suites St. Louis at Forest Park, MO

Cydie worked at another property for four years. She started out as a housekeeper. Her outgoing personality was quickly noticed and she moved into the breakfast attendant role. She was offered the opportunity to run the breakfast department here at the Hampton Inn & Suites Forest Park and has been here since March, 2010. She was always a great, dependable, hardworking employee, but she has really blossomed here.

The hotel is very close to Barnes-Jewish hospital. We have many guests that are either a patient or are a family member of a patient at the hospital. Obviously these families are dealing with very harsh realities. A lot of them love having someone to talk to during a difficult time. Cyndie provides this outlet for them. Guests are always commenting about how great Cyndie is to talk to or that she asks them how they were doing. They talk to her like they’ve known her for years. Cyndie also loves kids. She makes sure there are plenty of coloring books and crayons for them. She also orders trinkets and toys to hand out to the kids as well.

Cyndie wears many hats at the hotel. She owns the breakfast department. She does all of her own ordering and codes her invoices. She follows her budget closely to make sure she is not overspending and works hard to keep spoilage at a minimum. She does deep cleaning projects on her own initiative. We recently had a surprise inspection from our new ownership group. We had no prior knowledge of them coming. I believe the inspector was almost shocked at how neat, orderly, and clean everything was in the kitchen.

Cyndie also handles all of the hotel’s lost and found items. She returns all the guest calls, takes their information, and sets up shipping. She tries very hard to find every lost and found item. In July, Cyndie received a lost and found call from a mother of a little girl that had left her retainer. They thought it might have been accidentally thrown in the trash. Cyndie went dumpster diving and was able to find the $800 retainer.

Cyndie also helps with all of our monthly employee lunches. She sets up the room, cooks the food, and cleans all the dirty dishes when we’re done.

Cyndie also assists other departments. She makes coffee and puts out bagels and Danish before the housekeepers come in every morning. She has even stayed after her breakfast shift to clean rooms when we are short in housekeeping. Cyndie has also inquired about crosstraining at the front desk so she can help out in the morning when they get busy.

Lastly, there’s the Catch Me at My Best® contest. Cyndie was caught 340 times! She was the property winner, the overall winner for our management company (18 Hilton properties), and a national Hilton Worldwide winner! Here is a small sample of comments from her 340 cards:

“You have a stellar employee manning your buffet area. We have watched her during our two-day stay cheerfully and carefully keeping this area well stocked and clean.”

“Cyndie is again as friendly and helpful to everyone as one could be. Her pleasant disposition and servant’s heart are both quite evident.”

“I had a very very busy day and I just needed a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich to hold me over. Cyndie was THERE with a BIG smile and helping hand. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

“Cyndie was very helpful; I noticed she worked hard on keeping everything refilled! She brought my children activity books and crayons.”

After Cyndie found out she was the Catch Me at My Best winner she told me her goal for next year was to be the top “catcher.” What a fantastic teammate!

Josh Garrett,
Hampton Inn & Suites St. Louis at Forest Park, MO

Posted on Apr 17, 2011

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas, The Spirit Award

Emily Sarvies says

We are thrilled to have Cyndie joining the Hampton Inn St. Louis Downtown team next week! We are lucky to have her and don’t blame other Hamptons for being jealous.

Commented on April 27, 2011

Diane Quinn says

Cyndie, congratulations and thank you for everything you do at our hotel property. It was an honor to meet you at our awards event in Madison last month. We are indeed lucky to have you as a teammmate.

Commented on April 28, 2011

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