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Department Gift Wrapping Competition at Hilton Namhae Golf and Spa Resort, South Korea.

As it is Christmas, Hilton Namhae Golf & Spa Resort traditionally keeps all departments busy; not only through the busy festive operation, but also by tackling their creativity.

This year, a Christmas Wrapping Competition was held where all departments (depending to their employee count) had to submit 1 up to 3 Gift Wrapping boxes.

The result was amazing, see the photos attached as the creativity of the team had no limits. Engineering created a box out of bolts that when touching it a light goes on, the F&B team recreated the lobby architecture and had it floating with baloons as part of the wrapping idea, and culinary had a box sprayed into chocolate. All other departments went over board as well and i believe the photo below speak for itself.

The top three winners get a cash prize that allows them to celebrate their achievements.

This Competition is very popular, bonds the team members, creats a healthy competition and some cases even creates aliances that were used for the voting system, smile.

Winners announcement takes place during the annual Christmas Team Party on 27 December.

Posted on Dec 26, 2012

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas

Annie says

[img]https://recroom.hilton-recognition.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/gift winner.JPG[/img]

Engineering Team’s wrapping work, bolts with a light, won the first place for this Team competition. Everyone had so much fun with it and their creativities and teamwork truely shined.

Commented on January 3, 2013

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