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Diamond Cart Makes Evenings Fun – and Impacts Guest Loyalty!

Zelder Dollar,
Hampton Inn and Suites ATL-Six Flags, GA

We have a Tuesday and Wednesday night party cart that hits the floors around 6:30 and runs until 8pm. We go to our diamond rooms with the cart that has the latest movies, prizes and snacks. This cart is pretty popular, so much so that guests don’t want to check in after 7:30 for fear of not being able to get service.

This also encourages guest who aren’t Hilton Honors to want to sign up to get the party cart at their door.

Posted on Oct 21, 2009

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Mary Mehringer says

Sounds awesome. I’m always looking for ideas to make my Diamond guests feel special. Thanks!

Commented on October 28, 2009

Lou-Ann Erickson says

This is a great idea. Can you do this for Gold and Diamond members or is it just for Diamond members? Can you give me an example of the stuff you put on the cart?
Thank you!!!

Commented on October 28, 2009

Tina Johnson says

This is a great idea! I have actually done this before and added snacks, a few extra supplies like towels, toilet paper, shampoo eand etc.. We used our breakfast cart as well. You do have to be careful with the time. I did not have movies or prizes, but this thinking out side the box for sure.

Commented on October 28, 2009

Renee Hall says

I would love to know some of the things that you put on the cart?
This is a great idea

Commented on October 28, 2009

Tina Johnson says

Juice, Sodas, Snack Bags, Chips, towels, soaps, toothbrush, etc. I’ve attached an old picture of what we called a WoW Cart. I would jazz it up a bit. This will give you an idea.


Commented on October 28, 2009

Marcus Blackwell says

This is a wonderful idea and I have expressed interest with my GM about this idea!

Commented on October 28, 2009

Shannon Hernandez says

This is a great idea! Do all the guests sign up for the service or do you go door to door for each diamond guest?

Commented on October 29, 2009

Zelder Dollar says

Right now we have sodas, chips, ice cream, new and recent DVDs, wine, beer, small giveaways etc…such as restaurant gift cards (these are trade outs), and trivia questions to win additional prizes. If we know about about a guest birthday we bring cupcakes or donuts and let guests know about birthday celebration. Some weeks are not the same…we try and change things up.

Commented on October 29, 2009

Tameka Milton says

The guests love it!

Commented on October 30, 2009

Linda Menne says

This is a great idea! I can see other possibilities with it also. What about a kid’s cart for those times when you have lots of kids in-house. Oriental trading company has a treasure chest with lots of kid friendly trinkets in it. You could also have coloring books, kid-friendly snacks, juice boxes (use apple so no stains on duvet), fruit, ice cream cups,popcorn,etc… Parents will love you. You could let parents know at check-in what time the cart will come around and if they do not want it they can let you know then. You could also set the cart up in the lobby. Use colorful baskets and bins or gift wrap the boxes. Make it look good.

Commented on November 12, 2009

Becky Thorne says

Is this a free service or do the guests have to pay?

Commented on March 4, 2010

robin barnes says

I like that idea for the party or wow cart. I need an idea of the prizes that you give out. Is is associated with a game.

Commented on May 8, 2010

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