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Digital Photoframe Impacts Speed of Check-In.

One of the key issues here in resort hotel at Odawara, Japan, check-in timing is overlapping at the same time since the shuttle bus running time to time bases, and all the guests punctually come to our desk on time. We have done several actions such as redecoration of the lobby and waiting area and increase numbers of chairs and waiting spots, however there was not attraction for the guests.

The idea came from the customer room for ease our guests pace and to improve SALT score in “speed of check-in” through the eye / visible actions. The digital photo frame digest our facilities so the guests would see the photos during their waiting / queuing time, it actually gave us the opportunity to improve speed of check-in due to this innovative idea.

At the same time, the photo frame has been used for the up-selling and scale-selling for the misc revenue opportunities. Speed is very important for the guests, but we thought that we would like to give the relaxing and resort atmospheres and environment to the guests. The frame has been well recognized by the guests so the communication between guests and service team members improved a lot as well.

At the end (YTD), the SALT result improved since the frame has been started and the score hiked by 8-9 pts since the start.

Posted on Jul 6, 2010

Topic(s): Recent Recognition Ideas, SALT Boosting Ideas

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